ADS-TEC Energy and JOLT Energy Extend Collaboration to Boost Ultra-Fast Charging Network

What’s Happening

ADS-TEC Energy, a premier global manufacturer of battery storage-based platform solutions, and JOLT Energy have revealed plans to further their existing partnership. The extended collaboration aims to enhance the deployment of ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across key cities in Europe and the United States. JOLT has confirmed ordering a significant number of systems for 2023, with additional orders anticipated as part of its comprehensive roll-out plan.

Why It Matters

This ongoing alliance underscores the rising demand for swift and user-friendly charging experiences, particularly in densely populated urban environments. ADS-TEC Energy’s solutions enable the delivery of up to 320 kW charging power in power-restricted, low-voltage energy grids. The technology circumvents the need for extensive grid expansion, which often entails a lengthy wait period and requires substantial space for electrical substations — a luxury seldom available in city landscapes.

Key Points

The battery-buffered, ultra-fast charging stations designed by ADS-TEC Energy have the dual advantage of being seamlessly incorporated into existing locations with minimal footprint and providing storage for surplus renewable energy. Consequently, these charging stations morph into comprehensive energy platforms that facilitate sustainable site energy management for operators and expedient charging for EV drivers.

In Germany, JOLT has been employing ADS-TEC Energy’s ChargeBox ultra-fast charging systems for over a year, primarily in metro areas. These systems have been widely adopted by EV drivers, with a typical weekly average usage of over 60% at high-use JOLT charging points. The company is now substantially hastening the roll-out pace of these fast-charging stations in response to soaring demand.

Bottom Line

Maurice Neligan, CEO of JOLT Energy, and Thomas Speidel, CEO of ADS-TEC Energy, both express enthusiasm about the extended collaboration. Neligan points out the instrumental role of rapidly expanding fast-charging networks in catalyzing the large-scale electrification of urban transportation. Speidel, on the other hand, underscores their charging solutions’ suitability for urban settings where there is typically a lack of the required grid capacity and available space. These ultra-fast charging stations, equipped with large battery storage capacity and multifunctionality, are envisioned as a crucial platform for the energy transition.


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