AEHRA and Miba Battery Systems Forge Partnership to Develop Cutting-Edge EV Battery Technology

What’s Happening

AEHRA, the recently launched ultra-premium electric vehicle (EV) brand, has entered into a technical alliance with Austria-based Miba Battery Systems. The partnership aims to develop custom battery solutions for AEHRA’s forthcoming SUV and Sedan models.

Why It Matters

This strategic collaboration underscores AEHRA’s commitment to surpassing mainstream EV expectations. Miba’s flexible approach is ideal for AEHRA, as they strive to develop EVs that redefine industry standards. As a pioneer in battery technology and manufacturing, Miba is expected to provide the bespoke features AEHRA seeks in their batteries. This would optimize range, efficiency, and integration with their vehicle body structures.

AEHRA and Miba Battery Systems Forge Partnership to Develop Cutting-Edge EV Battery Technology

Key Points

The companies will design the battery pack collaboratively, offering unique solutions tailored to AEHRA’s vehicle architecture. The aim is to enhance the range, efficiency, and weight savings beyond what typical ‘off-the-shelf’ options provide. In addition to optimizing battery sustainability and repairability, the partnership also looks to extend its focus on the entire electric powertrain system.

The development process will also address AEHRA’s holistic approach to energy, prioritizing not only the optimization of battery efficiency but also the entire electric powertrain system, including electric motors and driveline inverters. Furthermore, it aims to transform the design of the SUV and forthcoming Sedan models, setting new standards for aerodynamics and reduced rolling resistance.

Bottom Line

By revolutionizing vehicle design and introducing the benefits of a flat EV architecture, AEHRA is pioneering a fresh approach to powertrain performance for customers seeking smart, ultra-premium sustainable mobility. AEHRA is targeting an impressive range of 800km (497 miles) from a 120 kilowatt-hour battery, aiming to provide excellent dynamic performance without compromising efficiency or creating unnecessary complexity.

AEHRA’s bespoke battery solution also intends to offer additional benefits to customers by supporting sustainable lifestyles through bi-directional charging. This feature allows customers to return electricity to the grid or power their homes, an especially valuable function when solar panels are unable to generate energy, such as during heavy winter snowfalls.

This partnership also augments Miba’s growth strategy, which includes expanding their VOLTfactory® sites worldwide to meet the rising demand for premium battery solutions in accordance with AEHRA’s global business approach.

This partnership between AEHRA and Miba Battery Systems represents a strategic move toward ultra-efficient, high-performance electric vehicles, redefining sustainable mobility, and minimizing carbon footprints in the auto industry.


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