Atlis Motor Vehicles Announces Opportunity To Develop 4,000 Battery Packs For Micromobility Vehicle Manufacturer

MESA, Ariz. – Atlis Motor Vehicles, a start-up mobility technology company, announced today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Elettricars Motor Company (Elettricars), an Italian/American-based electric vehicle manufacturer, interested in purchasing ATLIS’s battery packs and cells in bulk for installation into its lightweight electric vehicles.

Elettricars agrees to purchase 4,000 electric vehicle battery packs, complete with proprietary battery management and cooling systems by 2023.

ATLIS is developing a fully electric vehicle platform, proprietary battery cells and packs, and the necessary charging infrastructure to recharge a 500-mile range battery in less than 15 minutes.


“We began pilot production of the AMV battery cell and have started testing and validation,” said ATLIS founder and CEO Mark Hanchett. “As battery development is a core competency for ATLIS, we are actively securing partnerships with electric vehicle manufacturers such as Elettricars to meet the growing demands of the electric vehicle industry.”

Elettricars is a start-up OEM, joining the vibrant market of micromobility manufacturers, committed to producing traction in their market segment with their electric vehicles. They will be launching in Italy next year and will be expanding into the United States as they aim to create jobs and purchase batteries locally.

“ATLIS is the perfect American partner to team up with as we aim to expand in the United States,” said Elettricars president and CEO Andrea Abrami. “ATLIS’s focus on redefining and optimizing battery cells indicates this will be an ideal partnership.”


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