BYD Unveils FANGCHENGBAO Sub-Brand and BAO 5 SUV

BYD, a global leader in new energy vehicles and power batteries, has announced the launch of its new sub-brand, FANGCHENGBAO, along with its inaugural model, the BAO 5. This super hybrid off-road SUV is the first to feature BYD’s groundbreaking Dual Mode Off-road (DMO) Super Hybrid Platform. Additionally, BYD has unveiled two concept cars, BAO 8 and BAO 3. The BAO 5 will make its public debut at the Chengdu Motor Show starting on August 25th.

Why It Matters

FANGCHENGBAO aims to revolutionize the new energy vehicle (NEV) sector by providing a unique blend of professionalism and customization. Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD, stated that this new sub-brand will redefine the vehicular experience by tailoring each car to the individual needs of global users. The advent of FANGCHENGBAO is expected to disrupt the traditional automotive landscape significantly, positioning electric vehicles as tailor-made assets.

Key Points

  • FANGCHENGBAO represents a fusion of precision and agility, deriving its name from Chinese phonetics.
  • The DMO Super Hybrid Platform promises enhanced safety, off-road capabilities, and energy efficiency.
    • Utilizes Cell to Chassis (CTC) technology for battery safety and overall vehicle performance.
    • Features include an industry-first off-road rear-drive powertrain and longitudinal EHS electric hybrid system.
    • Achieves a 35% fuel savings compared to traditional gasoline-powered off-road vehicles.
  • The brand plans to expand its product line to off-road SUVs and sports cars based on the DMO platform.

Bottom Line

FANGCHENGBAO represents a pivotal step in BYD’s strategic vision, focusing on integrating cutting-edge technologies and a vertically integrated supply chain. The DMO technology incorporated into the BAO 5 model signifies a major shift from traditional internal combustion engines, delivering a transformative off-road experience while championing energy efficiency. With the unveiling of FANGCHENGBAO and the BAO 5, BYD is launching a new brand and vehicle and reshaping the narrative around personalized, efficient, and capable electric mobility.


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