China’s Geely Auto Accelerates New Energy Transition, Surpassing Germany as World’s Second-Largest Car Exporter

What’s Happening: Chinese automaker Geely Auto has announced its comprehensive transition to new energy, as China surpasses Germany to become the world’s second-largest car exporter. With the global automotive industry shifting from fossil fuels to new energy, Geely has been rapidly expanding its new energy product offerings.

Why It Matters: This transition to new energy sources by a major Chinese automaker highlights the increasing global demand for more sustainable transportation options. It also signals China’s growing influence in the international automotive market.

Key Points:

  • Geely Auto has invested 100 billion yuan in research and development over the past ten years, resulting in core technological advantages in new energy architecture, intelligent technology, new energy powertrain technology, smart cockpit, and intelligent driving.
  • Geely currently has four core modular architectures: BMA, CMA, SPA-L, and SEA, which will serve as an important technical support for the company to compete with mainstream automakers and take the lead in the global auto industry.
  • Geely’s intelligent driving technology is becoming more mature, with the development of an L2+ high-level intelligent driving platform and a wide range of intelligent driving features.
  • The company’s Xingrui Intelligent Computing Center, the first of its kind among global car makers, directly provides AI, big data, intelligent driving, and safety assurance services for product intelligence and ecological intelligence.
  • Geely Auto’s new energy transition includes five major technological paths: pure electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, methanol, and conventional power, catering to the diverse needs of different automotive markets worldwide.

Bottom Line: Geely Auto’s transition to new energy sources and its rise as a major car exporter signals China’s growing influence in the global automotive market. The company’s focus on innovation and sustainable development may contribute to the realization of carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality goals in the transportation sector, ultimately bringing environmentally friendly and enjoyable travel experiences to users worldwide.


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