Core Development Group Spearheads Largest EV Fleet Charging System in the Americas

What’s Happening: Core Development Group, a top clean energy firm, has recently made significant strides in establishing an electrified energy-transportation infrastructure network, which includes implementing part of the largest EV fleet charging system in the Americas. The company has designed, engineered, procured, and constructed roughly 6,000 large-scale level 2 (L2) and hundreds of level 3 (L3) fast-charge systems for a major U.S. retailer across 23 commercial and industrial locations.

Why It Matters: This EV charging network supports corporate goals of reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability initiatives. As demand for EV charging continues to grow, businesses that recognize the commercial opportunities in energy transition will benefit from partnering with experienced companies like Core Development Group.

Key Points:

  • The network comprises 250 EV chargers per installation location.
  • Core Development Group has collaborated with over 20 different local electric utility companies across 12 states to power the electric fleet.
  • The company has helped a diverse range of clients, including companies, municipalities, universities, automobile manufacturers and dealerships, and school districts, in streamlining the process of designing, evaluating, funding, and implementing EV charging projects.
  • Core Development Group has experience in providing EV charging solutions for various locations, such as warehouses, parking garages, employee parking lots, corporate office parks, multi-level parking areas, and industrial trucking locations.
  • EV adoption is expected to continue growing over the next decade, driven by factors such as environmental concerns, greater availability of models, increased cost competitiveness with conventional gas vehicles, and improved vehicle ranges.

Bottom Line: Core Development Group’s efforts in building an extensive EV charging infrastructure are critical for supporting the transition to cleaner energy options and achieving corporate sustainability goals. By working with a diverse set of clients and handling unique challenges in each project, the company is demonstrating its expertise and adaptability in the rapidly evolving EV charging market.


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