DOE Taps J.D. Power Tool for EV Infrastructure Enhancement

J.D. Power, a global leader in data analytics and consumer intelligence, recently announced the selection of its proprietary analytics tool, the J.D. Power EV Index, by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). This unique tool, designed to monitor the escalating electric vehicle (EV) market across the U.S., will facilitate the DOE in setting benchmarks and tracking the ongoing advancement of EV infrastructure nationwide.

Why It Matters

The J.D. Power EV Index stands alone in its ability to offer in-depth data on EV infrastructure growth and customer experience with public charging networks at the ZIP Code level nationwide. It offers crucial insights into regional trends in infrastructure expansion and potential obstacles to broad consumer adoption. This selection is a significant step toward realizing a universally accessible, dependable, and equitable EV charging infrastructure.

Key Points

The J.D. Power EV Index collects data across six key categories:

  • Interest
  • Availability
  • Adoption
  • Affordability
  • Infrastructure
  • Experience

These data are then used to evaluate progress toward parity between EVs and internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles in the U.S. The index highlights:

  • The monthly updated EV Index has consistently shown that a shortage of public charging infrastructure is a significant barrier to EV adoption.
  • Notable differences exist in the availability and accessibility of charging infrastructure in different country regions.

Bottom Line

Argonne National Laboratory, a cross-disciplinary science and engineering research center, will manage the DOE’s use of the J.D. Power EV Index. The collaboration between J.D. Power’s consumer behavioral data and Argonne’s technical data will enhance the understanding of the current EV user and charging landscape, thereby assisting in forming informed decisions that edge the nation closer to its clean transportation and climate objectives.

This decision by the DOE emphasizes the importance of data-driven policy, strategy, and regulatory decisions in rapidly evolving industries like EVs. The precise and comprehensive data provided by the J.D. Power EV Index could be a significant factor in guiding the future of the automobile industry.


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