Duke Energy Launches EV Charging Subscription in North Carolina

Duke Energy, in collaboration with General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and BMW of North America, has announced a 12-month pilot program for electric vehicle (EV) charging subscriptions in North Carolina. The EV Complete Home Charging Plan will start accepting enrollments on September 1 and officially launch on November 1 for those enrolled in the state.

Why It Matters

This initiative aims to promote clean transportation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in North Carolina, aligning with the state’s environmental goals. By offering a predictable monthly fee for home EV charging, Duke Energy hopes to make the transition to electric vehicles more appealing for its customers.

Key Points

  • The subscription plan will offer up to 800 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month for a fixed rate. In Duke Energy Carolinas’ service area, the fee will be $19.99, while in the Duke Energy Progress area, it will be $24.99.
  • The average EV driver utilizes less than 15 kWh per day, making this plan more than sufficient for typical daily needs.
  • Qualifying EV owners will be invited to enroll in the program by their respective automakers.
  • The pilot program will integrate with the Open Vehicle Grid Integration Platform (OVGIP), allowing for optimized, grid-friendly EV charging schedules.

Bottom Line

Duke Energy’s new subscription-based home charging program aims to simplify and promote the adoption of electric vehicles. By providing a stable, predictable cost for home charging, Duke Energy is not only making it easier for customers to shift towards electric vehicles but is also contributing to North Carolina’s broader sustainability objectives. The program will use advanced technology to optimize charging times, thereby balancing grid demand and increasing customer convenience. This initiative is a part of Duke Energy’s larger strategy to prepare the grid for a more electrified future and to provide its customers with intelligent solutions for sustainable living.


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