Electra, Rock Tech Unveil Lithium Recycling Deal

Electra Battery Materials Corporation and Rock Tech Lithium have announced a significant collaboration in the North American market, focusing on lithium recycling. The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to establish a partnership. This partnership aims to supply recycled lithium from Electra’s battery recycling operations in Ontario to Rock Tech’s refineries for upgrading to battery-grade lithium chemicals. The initiative represents a strategic move to develop a fully sustainable closed-loop service for recycling lithium-ion battery manufacturing scrap, end-of-life batteries, and black mass.

Why It Matters

This collaboration is pivotal for the lithium recycling industry. Electra, with its innovative recycling strategy, will further upgrade recycled lithium into a high-quality product suitable for batteries. Trent Mell, CEO of Electra, emphasized the importance of collaboration for creating a closed loop in mineral recovery. Klaus Schmitz, COO of Rock Tech, highlighted the long-term vision of the partnership, focusing on developing localized circular lithium value chains essential for sustainable growth. This agreement not only introduces an additional revenue stream for Electra but also significantly enhances their service offerings and facilitates future growth.

Key Points

  • Electra and Rock Tech’s partnership focuses on creating a closed-loop recycling system for lithium.
  • Electra will supply lithium recovered from its refinery to Rock Tech for further processing and upgrading.
  • The collaboration is expected to start processing material in an initial phase beginning in 2026.
  • Both companies are exploring further opportunities, including technology licensing and co-location of future recycling and refining plants.
  • Rock Tech, emerging as a key player in lithium chemicals production, is developing facilities in Germany and Canada.
  • Electra is constructing North America’s only cobalt sulfate refinery and is involved in a multipronged approach to refining various battery materials.

Bottom Line

The Electra-Rock Tech partnership marks a significant step towards sustainable lithium recycling in North America. It’s not just a business venture; it’s a strategic move towards environmental responsibility and resource sustainability. By leveraging each other’s strengths, Electra and Rock Tech are set to revolutionize the lithium recycling industry, contributing significantly to the circular economy and reducing the environmental impact of battery production. This partnership is a testament to the growing importance of sustainable practices in the battery materials sector, setting a benchmark for future collaborations in the industry.


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