Elektrobit Announces Partnership with Sony Honda Mobility on Groundbreaking AFEELA Prototype

ERLANGEN, Germany – Elektrobit has announced its role as a software and services provider for the Sony Honda Mobility (SHM) AFEELA prototype. The company collaborated with Sony and SHM over the past few years to create the latest iteration in software-defined vehicles, which was unveiled at CES 2023.

Elektrobit played a key role in the development of the AFEELA prototype, contributing to its innovative software architecture and creating the cockpit system. The company provided software for Qualcomm’s high-performance computing processors, as well as integrating all software and hardware components and applications from Sony and its partners.

According to Roger Lanctot, Director of Automotive Connected Mobility at TechInsights, the AFEELA prototype represents a unique user environment that blends comprehensive contextual awareness with a safe and stimulating experience. Elektrobit was recognized as the ideal software expert to bring this concept to life.

The AFEELA represents a major shift in vehicle design, with software becoming increasingly central to both the core operation and innovation of vehicles. In the AFEELA prototype cockpit, software takes center stage, allowing Sony to integrate its latest audio and camera sensor technologies and a vast array of gaming, movie, and music content. SHM’s partnership with Epic Games opens up even more experiential possibilities within the cockpit system.

Maria Anhalt, CEO of Elektrobit, expressed her pride in being a strategic software partner on the AFEELA prototype project. She stated that the company is redefining mobility by creating a more inspirational and emotional user experience, with software serving as the starting point. The AFEELA prototype highlights the benefits of a software-first mindset, with Elektrobit playing a central role in the project.


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