Evyve Joins Zap-Pay: Accelerating Cross-Network EV Charging

Evyve, a rapidly expanding electric vehicle (EV) charging network, has joined forces with Zap-Pay as the tenth partner on its comprehensive cross-network payment platform. As of the previous week, Evyve’s predominantly rapid chargers are now fully integrated and operational on Zap-Pay, joining other significant partners like Osprey, ESB Energy, GeniePoint, and Fastned. This move allows Zapmap users to search for charge points, plan long-distance travels, share updates, and pay for their EV charging seamlessly across the ten networks in the UK.

Why It Matters

Evyve’s inclusion in Zap-Pay signifies an important step towards providing EV drivers with a hassle-free charging experience. Evyve’s nationwide network of rapid and ultra-rapid charging locations is powered by 100% renewable energy, and they are committed to a seamless customer experience. Presently, Evyve operates over 200 chargers across the UK in areas from Aberdeen to Eastbourne, primarily located at retail and leisure outlets, business parks, and restaurants.

Key Points

  • Evyve’s integration is part of a strategic partnership with UK’s largest pub operator, Greene King, and Peel L&P, which includes strategically located retail sites.
  • The company has set an ambitious goal to deliver 10,000 charge points across its UK portfolio by 2030.
  • Zap-Pay provides a single-app payment solution using a credit or debit card, aiming to include all the key charge point networks in the UK.
  • It offers the convenience of viewing charging history, receiving live status updates, downloading receipts, and using Apple Pay and Google Pay across all Zap-Pay enabled devices in the UK.

Bottom Line

Zap-Pay continues to simplify the payment process for EV charging, reducing the need for multiple payment methods across various networks. With the addition of Evyve’s charging network, Zap-Pay is further solidifying its commitment to providing easy and reliable EV charging solutions for long-distance travels. As Alex Earl, Commercial Director at Zapmap, said, “The addition of another nationwide charging provider will certainly be of great value for electric car drivers.”

Evyve’s integration onto Zap-Pay reaffirms the growing acceptance and momentum of the platform. More partnerships and announcements are expected in the coming weeks and months, marking significant progress towards convenient EV charging across the UK. This joint venture is a significant stride towards realizing the dream of a seamless, sustainable, and efficient EV charging ecosystem.


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