Factorial Advances EV Battery Tech, Opens New Facility

Factorial Inc., a prominent figure in solid-state battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs), has disclosed the dispatch of its A-samples of 100+Ah solid-state EV battery cells to leading global automotive OEM partners. These cells, crucial for eventual serial production, have achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first of their kind to successfully pass the UN 38.3 safety assessments.

Why It Matters

As the transition to electric vehicles accelerates, there is an increasing demand for efficient and safe batteries. Factorial’s latest battery cell not only meets automotive performance standards but also signifies a step forward in safety. Siyu Huang, CEO of Factorial Energy, elaborated on the development: “This showcases our stride towards commercialization. We’re dedicated to aligning with automotive timelines, aiming to produce industry-leading solid-state batteries. Our vision revolves around equipping automakers with the tools to roll out safer and superior EVs.”

Key Points

  • The 100+Ah lithium-metal cells are tailored for automotive use, ensuring they align with key performance criteria.
  • Factorial has also inaugurated its expansive 50,000+ sq. ft. research and development hub in the Greater Boston region, geared towards enhancing their solid-state battery production processes.
    • The facility, housing a state-of-the-art dry room and wet lab, is designed to support scientists in refining battery cell manufacturing at industrial scale and speed.
    • It is anticipated to host a workforce exceeding 100 individuals.

Bottom Line

Factorial is poised to redefine the battery landscape with its proprietary FEST® (Factorial Electrolyte System Technology) solid-state battery, which promises a safer usage and an energy density that’s up to 50% greater than its lithium-ion counterparts. With the inauguration of its new research and development space, the company is strategically positioned to amplify its product blueprint and seize imminent expansion prospects.


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