Fisker Advances to Next Production Phase, Accelerating the Global Launch of Fisker Ocean SUV

What’s Happening

Fisker is proceeding with the next stage of production, speeding up the worldwide launch of its electric Fisker Ocean SUV. The company is setting the stage for the delivery of the next batch of vehicles to customers across Europe and the United States, scheduled to commence in June.

Why It Matters

Fisker’s move into the next phase of production demonstrates its commitment to producing sustainable and emotionally resonant electric vehicles. The company’s efforts are in line with global sustainability trends and the increasing demand for electric vehicles worldwide. Fisker’s unique offering in the electric vehicle market, prioritizing both emotional design and sustainability, sets it apart.

Key Points

Fisker has previously announced plans to gradually increase production throughout May, with an ambitious goal of manufacturing between 1,400 and 1,700 vehicles by the end of June, contingent on the performance of its partners. The company aims to further elevate production in Q3 2023 to support its roll-out in other global markets and to meet its 2023 volume forecast of 32,000-36,000 vehicles.

CEO Henrik Fisker emphasizes the brand’s commitment to quality and customer experience, stating that they will ensure attention to detail on each vehicle, especially as these vehicles are designated for their initial volume deliveries and marketing activities. He expressed his excitement for the upcoming customer deliveries and assured that they will be updating the first customers on the schedule soon.

Bottom Line

Fisker is currently working on gradually increasing production while coordinating with its supply chain to meet its volume and quality expectations. The production schedule for May includes the first US-bound units, intended for customer deliveries and marketing purposes, with arrivals expected in June.

The Fisker Ocean Extreme and One trim boast a confirmed combined WLTP range of up to 707 km2, outperforming any other battery electric SUV sold in Europe today in terms of range. The company anticipates receiving EPA range and regulatory approval and a CARB Executive Order for these trims later this month. With these advancements, Fisker Inc. is poised to solidify its standing in the electric vehicle market.


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