FreeWire Unveils AI-Powered EV Charging Optimizer

FreeWire Technologies, recognized for its expertise in battery-integrated electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and energy management, has unveiled Mobilyze Pro. This AI-driven platform is engineered to predict optimal locations for deploying EV fast charging stations across the U.S. and Canada, maximizing both usage and profitability. Tools within the platform, such as the utilization prediction engine, tariff recommendation engine, and profitability calculator, are formulated using AI to sift through diverse datasets, pinpointing the most promising sites for EV fast charging.

Why It Matters

By 2030, projections indicate a need for over 180,000 public fast charging stations to cater to an anticipated 26 million EVs in the U.S. An evident disparity is emerging between the growing EV sales and the requisite infrastructure. Factors such as prolonged utility upgrade lead times further widen this gap. The battery-integrated solution offered by Mobilyze Pro presents a time-efficient and cost-effective remedy. The platform’s predictive tools equip charging infrastructure owners to confidently assess site locations and hardware, ensuring that EV charging becomes more widespread and easily accessible.

Key Points

  • Mobilyze Pro is lauded by Arcady Sosinov, FreeWire’s CEO and Founder, as today’s premier software tool for strategizing fast charging infrastructure deployment.
  • Following the acquisition of in December 2022, FreeWire introduced several innovative features on the platform. Notably:
    • The profitability calculator estimates operational expenses and revenue.
    • An AI-driven utilization prediction engine gauges daily charging sessions at new locations by analyzing existing charging data, user demographics, and EV travel patterns.
    • The tariff recommendation engine aids in determining the financial implications of fast charging installations and identifies the most suitable utility tariff.
  • Mobilyze Pro’s analytical metrics pair seamlessly with FreeWire’s Charging Location Analysis and Incentive Management (CLAIM) service. This collaboration reveals potential cash flow and various federal, state, and utility incentives.

Bottom Line

Mobilyze Pro, offering a revolutionary approach to EV charging infrastructure optimization, will be accessible to site hosts in the U.S. and four Canadian provinces by Q1 2024. For a comprehensive product demonstration, attend the NACS show in Atlanta from October 3-6th.


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