Geely and Baidu Launch ‘JI YUE’ Electric Brand

Geely Holding Group and Baidu Inc have jointly announced the debut of “JI YUE”, their premium intelligent technology brand. This strategic move marks a noteworthy step in the partnership between the two corporate giants.

Why It Matters

The introduction of “JI YUE” signifies a renewed commitment to intelligent mobility. Specifically targeting tech-savvy consumers in China, the brand aims to provide cutting-edge autonomous mobility solutions that cater to the evolving consumer preferences in this segment.

Key Points

  • “JI YUE” is now part of Geely Holding’s expansive brand portfolio.
  • The flagship model, “JI YUE 01”, promises to reshape perceptions about intelligent mobility.
  • Set for a market introduction in Q4 2023, the “JI YUE 01” is poised to leverage:
    • Geely Holding’s esteemed automotive manufacturing knowledge, including its Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) and robust supply chain.
    • Baidu’s pioneering artificial intelligence technologies encompassing advanced intelligent cabins and autonomous driving capabilities.
  • Beyond standard sales, service, and marketing functions, JI YUE is also embarking on the development of its exclusive charging network in China. This initiative is to address the burgeoning consumer appetite for smart, intelligent electric vehicles.

Bottom Line

“JI YUE” emerges as a beacon of innovation in the electric vehicle sector. Merging Geely Holding’s automotive manufacturing prowess with Baidu’s trailblazing AI technologies, it represents a future-ready approach to meet and exceed consumer expectations in China’s rapidly advancing intelligent mobility landscape.


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