Genesis Home: All-In-One Residential Electrification Ecosystem

What’s Happening: Genesis announced the launch of Genesis Home, a comprehensive residential electrification ecosystem that offers solar energy, electric vehicle (EV) charging, and energy storage solutions through a one-stop marketplace platform.

Why It Matters: As the demand for EVs and sustainable energy options grows, Genesis Home aims to simplify the home electrification process and lower barriers to EV adoption. By providing an all-in-one solution, Genesis addresses the need for seamless integration of clean energy production, storage, and charging solutions for both homes and vehicles.

Key Points:

  • The system pairs top-rated products, pre-vetted installers, and dedicated Energy Advisors to guide customers through the home electrification process.
  • Energy Advisors will work with customers to tailor home energy solutions to their individual needs and preferences, as well as provide ongoing support and system configuration assistance.
  • The ecosystem initially consists of three components: a ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 Charger, rooftop solar panels, and home energy storage systems.
  • The platform complements Genesis’ partnership with Electrify America to provide comprehensive home and out-of-home charging solutions for its clients.
  • Compatible with any current Genesis EV model.

Bottom Line: Genesis Home provides a streamlined, one-stop solution for customers seeking reliable, sustainable energy production, storage, and charging options for their homes and electric vehicles. The platform aims to lower barriers to EV adoption and deliver a seamless experience tailored to individual energy needs.


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