GKN Automotive eDrive technologies driving advanced electric and hybrid platforms

GKN Automotive is strengthening its eDrive technology leadership as 13 more electrified models from 10 leading global brands enter the market, powered by its world-leading systems.

The new platforms span four major global automotive manufacturers and range from premium four-wheel drive SUVs to an iconic electric city car.

The innovative technologies on these models include GKN Automotive’s world-class compact and efficient three in one eDrive system. These systems bring together leading-edge advances in electric motors, transmission, traction inverters, software, and controls.

This major milestone comes just one year after the announcement that GKN Automotive has over one million eAxles on the road and is the result of collaboration with the world’s leading automotive manufacturers to fully integrate advanced eDrive systems into electric and hybrid cars.

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Dirk Kesselgruber, President ePowertrain: “This is further evidence that our investment, innovation and expertise in world-leading eDrive technologies is paying off. Our ambitious plans for eDrive will ensure GKN Automotive plays a leading role in driving the world’s electrified future.

Our customers are already benefitting from the efficiencies and innovations that GKN Automotive eDrive systems bring and we intend to keep innovating for even better performance.”

Oliver Jones, VP Business Development ePowertrain: “It’s exciting to see more of our innovative eDrive technologies on the road. We’re accelerating our work with the world’s leading automotive manufacturers to bring our advanced, compact and efficient electric drive systems to market on even more vehicles.”

GKN Automotive’s eDrive technologies are honed from its leadership in all-wheel-drive systems. The first car using GKN Automotive eDrive technology was put into production over 20 years ago.

About GKN

We are the world’s largest supplier of driveline technologies to the automotive industry. Our engineering puts driveline innovation into series production. Our systems integration expertise and software calibration capabilities make us a strong and trusted partner for electrification, all-wheel drive programs and new vehicle concepts.