Honda Unveils e:Ny1, Its Second Fully Electric Vehicle in Europe

What’s Happening

Honda has unveiled its second fully electric vehicle, the e:Ny1, at a European Media Event in Offenbach, Germany. This new vehicle follows the successful Honda e city car and is designed to cater to the increasing customer demand for all-electric B-segment SUVs.

Why It Matters

The e:Ny1 is a significant addition to Honda’s lineup, as it represents the brand’s continued commitment to electrification and its focus on providing environmentally friendly vehicles that are both enjoyable and practical.

Key Points

The e:Ny1 sports a bold, sophisticated exterior design with a short front overhang, large wheels, and a wide track. It debuts an all-new electric identity for Honda, with white ‘H’ badges featured around the vehicle, including on the nose badge, wheel center caps, and steering wheel. The tailgate also bears a new ‘Honda’ typeface that will be used on future EVs.

Inside, the e:Ny1 offers ample interior space and comfort due to the smart packaging of the electric drivetrain components. The vehicle’s all-new center console is designed for easy access, featuring buttons, multiple storage options, and wireless charging. A 15.1-inch touchscreen on the dashboard provides access to a comprehensive suite of infotainment and driving options.

The e:Ny1 is built on Honda’s newly-developed e:N Architecture F, a front-motor-driven platform with a high rigidity body structure, low center of gravity, and well-managed under-floor aerodynamics. The platform also incorporates a high-performance, lightweight three-in-one integrated power drive unit, electric motor, and gearbox that delivers 150 kW, 310 Nm of torque, and a smooth driving experience. The high-capacity lithium-ion battery offers up to 412 km (WLTP) of range and DC fast-charging capability, reaching 80% charge in just 45 minutes.

Bottom Line

The e:Ny1 is an important step in Honda’s electrification journey in Europe, combining customer-centric technology, beautiful design, and fun-to-drive dynamics. Tom Gardner, Senior Vice President at Honda Motor Europe Ltd, affirmed that the e:Ny1 exemplifies Honda’s commitment to electrification and is the latest step in the brand’s journey towards more sustainable transportation.


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