In November 2020, Statista anticipated that global auto sales volume in 2020 would be down by 18% to 62 million vehicles from 74.9 million vehicles in 2019. Many auto makers suffered sluggish sales or even bankruptcy, reorganization and merger. However, Hongqi, a brand of FAW, achieved sales volume doubled in 2020 against the negative trend and launched a full-size smart luxury electric SUV – Hongqi E-HS9 to the European market, successfully standing out of Chinese luxury car brands.

Quality Persistence

FAW Hongqi has a long history of development dedicated to manufacturing luxury passenger cars. FAW Hongqi focused on official and event vehicles before 2017. Its annual sales volume was 4000 vehicles in 2017. Since 2017, Hongqi initiated the “New Hongqi” strategy and launched overall transformation and upgrade in technology, craft, brand marketing and many other aspects.

With the new strategy, Hongqi built a brand-new Electric Smart Vehicle Connection Platform with 100% proprietary core technologies. Consumer-market oriented innovation and transformation have also been achieved in terms of product design, technology, safety and brand marketing. In 2018, Gills Taylor, the former Chief Designing Officer of Rolls-Royce joined FAW as the person in charge of designing strategy and stylish concept of the Hongqi brand, fusing international designing concept into FAW. In terms of product technology, every Hongqi vehicle is made with the world-leading automobile technologies, enlivening the cold steels into convergence and crystallization of technology and wisdom. Hongqi automobile plants are among the most advanced ones in China in terms of smart and green operation, guaranteeing continuous quality improvement with powerful strength. Hongqi upholds the principle of “Everything Is to Serve the Consumers with Respect”. Adhering to the “All customer-centric” concept with persistence on quality and innovation, Hongqi sold 30,000 vehicles in 2018 and 100, 000 vehicles in 2019, marking giant leap forward in sales volume. Hongqi sold 200, 000 vehicles in 2020, beating the adverse trend caused by the global epidemic. Hongqi has become the top luxury vehicle brand in China.

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Bring high quality products to users

Continuous development of China’s smart technologies has energized the automobile industry to go for transformation trend of “New Four Modernizations”, namely: electrification, connection, intellectualization and sharing. Keeping up with the emerging trends in recent years, Hongqi paid close attention to latest technologies and new energy resources, spared no effort in researching and innovating smart technologies, built new energy plants and acquired advanced strength in manufacturing smart BEV models. In addition to H5, HS5, H7, H9 and many new Hongqi products that are favored by the Chinese users, the latest flagship SUV Hongqi E-HS9 is a truthful embodiment of Hongqi’s heartfelt dedication that will certainly win the hearts of users all over the world.

Entering into the global market with sincerity, Hongqi will expand its successful experience in Chinese market by meeting global demands for high-quality luxury vehicles and attracting global consumers with more exhilarating surprises.