Immotor Unveils New EV Products

SHENZHEN, China – Shenzhen Immotor Technology Co., Limited (hereinafter referred to as Immotor) held a new product launch event on 16 Dec 2020, unveiling upgraded battery-exchange products, new charging pile and models of electric two-wheel vehicles, integrated online service platform and its first-ever flagship store in Shenzhen. With this brand new product matrix, Immotor will accelerate its expansion in the China market and aim to conquer overseas markets.

Established in 2015, Immotor released its e-exchange brand in 2017, which pioneered an innovative power battery exchange platform that includes its patented power batteries, advanced battery-exchange stations, convenient APP and AI enabled big data platform support. With 78 issued patents and 65 pending patents, Immotor is now an industry leader operating in more than 50 cities in China with over 600,000 daily battery exchange orders.

Based on battery-exchange business, Immotor made its first try in battery recharge area with newly launched charging pile and further launched several new two-wheel vehicles to provide more riding options for domestic and overseas users. Apart from models conforming to the new national standards of electric bikes in China, Immotor designed a high-speed electric bike with replaceable battery which has a top speed of 38 miles per hour, with which the company will expand into global markets as the next step. Daniel Huang, founder and CEO of Immotor, mentioned that they had achieved initial intent of cooperation with an unnamed big South-East Asian enterprise.

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“The company is going through a strategic transformation from a power battery exchange supplier to a service provider who is dedicated to the whole intelligent electric two-wheel vehicle area. We will combine the rich experience accumulated in the battery-exchange area and the new innovative products, to provide more diverse riding options and comprehensive green energy supply choices for both Chinese and global users,” said Daniel Huang.

About Immotor

Established in 2015, Shenzhen Immotor Technology Co., Ltd., the top player in the layout of the electric two-wheel vehicle green energy network and a national high-tech enterprise, released the Immotor Brand of battery-exchange product in 2017 and launched the world’s first green energy intelligent mobility network platform including super battery, smart battery-exchange station, intelligent mobility network management system, APP and big data platform. It helps riders with intelligent upgrades for their electric vehicles ensures the energy safety of their batteries, conducts centralized management of electric vehicle energy and provided the unlimited range for all riders. After three years of development, Immotor has grown into a leading company in the battery-exchange industry and was selected in the 2019 Hurun China Future Unicorns lost.