L-Charge presented the world’s first off-grid supercharger at the London EV Show

L-Charge, a manufacturer of ultra-fast, off-grid EV chargers, presented its mobile supercharger and charging services to the British market.

LONDON – L-Charge was represented at the show among other world-renowned names, highlighting how its unique charging solutions (including the stationary and mobile charging stations, that generate onboard power via a hydrogen fuel cell or gas-fuelled generator) offer companies from key sectors unique advantages such as less cost intensive high speed charging solutions, asset flexibility and the ability to enhance their sustainability credentials.

L-Charge develops and produces high-powered, off-grid EV charge points that are powered by clean fuels such as LNG, hydrogen or a blend of the two fuels. Their mobile charging van is fitted with a mini-power station onboard that uses these clean fuels to produce electricity on the go, allowing it to roam freely around the city and be called when needed via the mobile app, in a similar fashion to ordering a taxi. It is also possible to book and assign the mobile charging van to a convenient location. The van provides super-fast charging – from 0% to 80% in 15-25 minutes.

“The lack of fast EV-charging infrastructure is one of the key obstacles standing in the way of electric vehicle proliferation. Our company strives to provide ultra-reliable and sustainable products to the market. We are now introducing our off-grid EV superchargers and on-the-go charging services to the market, and are confident that our product, plus local support, will be equally strong and reliable,” said Justin Tarr, Vice-President of Sales and Operations at L-Charge.

Another goal of the company’s participation at the London EV show was to raise global awareness of transition technologies on the market and to participate in an expert panel discussion dedicated to answering some principal questions surrounding the evolution of battery and charging infrastructure toward supporting ultra-fast charging.


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