EV Platform

E-Mobility Testing Partner

Link Engineering Company is focused on advancing testing technology for the growing demands and needs of the E-mobility field. Through advancements in the E-Mobility sector in automotive, and beyond, LINK has been a close testing partner and able to quickly adapt equipment and testing services to meet the new needs of our customers. With universal experience with vehicle OEMs, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 component suppliers, LINK has the wealth of knowledge and testing expertise to get the job done.

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LINK’s electric vehicle testing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Powertrain
  • Battery Systems & Performance
  • NVH
  • Regenerative Braking Systems
  • Performance Dynamometers
  • T-Rigs
  • Climatic Stressing
  • Burst Stands
  • High RPM Gearbox & Motor Testing
  • Power Electronics Testing
  • NVH Testing of E-machines
  • Regenerative Braking Systems

EV Testing Expertise

Nikola RLDA Case Study

Nikola Corporation and Link Engineering Company recently worked together to validate a Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) model against Road Load Data (RLDA) that was collected on an instrumented vehicle on a proving ground. The test required extensive instrumentation in order to collect data that reflects what effects typical roads and atypical roads have on a truck and its components, which is then used for simulations and predictive modeling. LINK was required to complete the vehicle instrumentation work within just two weeks in order to help the customer meet their timeline and collect load data.


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EV Testing Equipment

E-Mobility Enhanced Driveline Test System

Link Engineering Company’s E-Mobility Enhanced Driveline test system provides a wide range of motor measurement and characterization capability. This system combines a high-performance axle dynamometer with a motor analyzer and an array of precision instrumentation for complete electric motor drive system analysis. The test system may be operated manually or automatically to perform a sequence of automated tests and measurements.

E-Mobility Enhanced Driveline Test System

Hub Motor and NVH Test System

The Hub Motor and NVH Test System can perform extensive motor characterization, run full hydraulic friction brake tests within inertia simulation capability, and operate in combined or blended modes between the two subsystems. It functions in both drive and brake modes seamlessly, with the control system having the ability to augment the desired torque/speed target automatically by engaging or actuating each subsystem through staged open and closed-loop control.

Hub Motor and NVH Test System

Electric Vehicle Motor and Driveline Test Stand

The Electric Vehicle and Driveline Dynamometer provides capability for performance and durability testing of electric vehicle motors or (hybrid) drive units. This machine provides the ability to reproduce a wide range of road driving conditions and is suitable for testing EV/HEV/PHEV products.



LINK Customized Options:
  • Battery Simulator
    • E-Motor
    • Axle Testing
    • Back 2 Back Durability
  • Multiple Configuration
    • T-Rig, Inline
    • Free Spinning
    • Grounded
  • Test Cell
    • T-slotted Base
    • Adjustable Motor Riser
    • Crane
    • HVAC Cell
    • Climatically Conditioned
    • Localized Supply
Back2Back Durability

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