Manitoba Boosts EV Charging Infrastructure with $3M

The Manitoba Motor Dealers Association (MMDA) has reaffirmed its collaboration with Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan) Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP). The MMDA has garnered an additional $3 million from NRCan through this strengthened alliance.

Why It Matters

This funding is a significant stride towards ensuring a greener Manitoba. The financial injection will amplify the support for MMDA’s ‘Lead The Charge’ Program, a pivotal initiative designed to boost the availability of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across the province. By centering on deploying up to 300 new EV chargers, this move underscores MMDA’s unwavering commitment to nurturing an eco-friendly future for Manitoba.

Key Points

  • Strategic Alliance: The partnership between MMDA and NRCan seeks to usher in a sustainable transformation in Manitoba’s transport infrastructure.
  • The ‘Lead The Charge’ Initiative: A robust endeavor targeting installing approximately 300 new EV charging stations across the province.
  • Incentives for Businesses: Manitoba businesses are encouraged to be part of this significant shift by enhancing the EV charging landscape in the region. Notably:
    • Rebate Funding: Businesses that install new EV chargers can avail of a rebate covering up to 50% of the costs.
    • Attract Eco-conscious Clients: Catering to the increasing number of EV users by offering convenient charging locations.
    • Sustainable Leadership: Participating companies can elevate their brand image, positioning themselves as eco-leaders.
    • Financial Incentives: Participants can benefit from up to 50% rebates on EV charger installations, making the transition more economical.

Bottom Line

This collaboration between MMDA and NRCan sets the stage for a more eco-friendly Manitoba by significantly enhancing the province’s EV charging infrastructure. Businesses stand to gain manifold in terms of financial incentives and brand positioning as they support this green initiative. As MMDA, a cornerstone in promoting ethical automotive practices for over 75 years, embarks on this venture, it paves the way for a cleaner and more sustainable Manitoba.


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