Meridian Audio and HiPhi Collaborate to Introduce the HiPhi Z Sonic Pro Sound System

What’s Happening: Meridian Audio, the UK-based audio technology company, and HiPhi, Human Horizons’ luxury smart all-electric vehicle brand, have worked together on the HiPhi Z Fully Electric GT to introduce the Sonic Pro sound system. The system is engineered by Meridian and is now available as standard in all HiPhi Z vehicles.

Why It Matters: The new sound system represents a significant advancement in in-car audio performance in HiPhi vehicles. The system features an increased channel count, enhanced amplifier power, and six unique Meridian technologies that offer a fully immersive audio experience. This collaboration comes at an exciting time for Meridian, which recently introduced EbM, an audio engineering consultancy and technology licensing offering.

Meridian Audio and HiPhi Collaborate to Introduce the HiPhi Z Sonic Pro Sound System

Key Points:

  • The HiPhi Z Sonic Pro sound system comprises 23 fully active loudspeakers, including woofers, midranges, and tweeters.
  • The system also features four rear surround channels, four height channels, a center channel, and a subwoofer.
  • The six unique Meridian DSP technologies incorporated in the sound system include Meridian Horizon, Meridian Intelli-Q, Meridian Perfect Balance, Meridian Digital Precision, Meridian RE-Q, and Meridian True Time.
  • The Meridian Horizon technology provides the end user with four different sound setting modes, and the system also features five EQ presets.
  • The Meridian Intelli-Q allows Data-Driven Equalisation, and Meridian Perfect Balance dynamically applies psychoacoustically informed frequency compensation to incoming audio.
  • The Meridian Digital Precision ensures that digital signal changes are smooth and seamless. At the same time, Meridian RE-Q cabin correction technology optimizes the audio system to the precise acoustics of the vehicle cabin.
  • Meridian True Time is a filter that produces accurate timing with clean and precise transients, while Meridian Perfect Balance ensures tonally balanced audio at all volume levels.

Bottom Line: The HiPhi Z Sonic Pro sound system significantly advances in in-car audio technology. The collaboration between Meridian Audio and HiPhi has resulted in a fully optimized system that delivers an exceptional audio experience for every vehicle occupant. Incorporating Meridian’s six unique DSP technologies has solved many inherent issues and limitations in automotive applications, ensuring a lifelike, natural, and authentic audio experience.


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