NaaS Partners with Hyundai on EV Charging Venture

NaaS, a frontrunner in the EV charging sector, has partnered with Hyundai Motor Group (China), the world’s third-largest automaker. This alliance will focus on devising a superior charging management service tailored for Hyundai car users. Additionally, the partnership aspires to bolster the prospective EV charging market.

Why It Matters

The joint venture between NaaS and Hyundai’s Chinese division ensures advanced charging solutions and order management services for Hyundai’s vehicles. This integration permits Hyundai car owners to seamlessly monitor their vehicle’s charging and charger installation progress via a dedicated smart service App or directly through the car’s center console.

The electric vehicle landscape in China is experiencing a notable surge. Data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) predicts that by 2023, the nation’s sales of electric passenger vehicles will hit a staggering 9 million. Moreover, the annual EV penetration rate is projected to soar to 36%. As the demand escalates, China continues to ramp up its investment in building a robust charging infrastructure.

Key Points

  • Strategic Collaboration: NaaS and Hyundai Motor Group(China) aim to offer a revamped charging experience for Hyundai car users.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Owners can check charging statuses via an app or the car’s console.
  • Increasing EV Demand: 2023 will see China’s EV sales nearing 9 million, with an EV penetration rate of 36%.
  • NaaS’ Charging Network: As of March 31, 2023, NaaS boasts 55,000 charging stations and 575,000 chargers. The charging volume in Q1 stood at 1.023 billion kWh, amounting to 21% of China’s public charging volume.

Bottom Line

Wang Yang, the Founder and CEO of NaaS, emphasized the significance of charging facilities in augmenting EV penetration, expressing optimism about the collaboration. He remarked, “NaaS, in synergy with Hyundai Motor Group (China), aims to revolutionize the charging service domain, ensuring it’s quicker, simpler, and more affordable for users.”

On the other hand, Hyuk Joon Lee, President and Head of China Operations at the Hyundai Motor Group, lauded China’s exemplary strides in the EV market. He believes that China’s EV service quality achievements will be a pivotal reference point for Hyundai as they strive to elevate EV services globally. Through their partnership with NaaS, Hyundai is poised to continually refine and augment their charging services, enhancing the overall experience for EV users.


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