Renault Reimagines: Rethink Your Ride, Rethink Your Future

French carmaker Renault is urging Brits to reconsider the role cars play in their lives with its bold new “renault. rethink” campaign. Launched today, the campaign showcases Renault’s cutting-edge electric vehicles (EVs) and highlights their potential to redefine personal mobility in a rapidly changing world.

“We live in a rapidly evolving world, and Renault’s transformation in recent years means it is perfectly placed to meet the changing needs of modern motorists,” said Guillaume Sicard, Country Head UK & Managing Director Renault Brand UK.

Rethinking Design and Connectivity:

The campaign features the dynamic Renault 5 E-Tech prototype, the sleek Scenic E-Tech, and the tech-savvy Megane E-Tech, all showcasing eye-catching designs and seamless Google integration. Eye-popping visuals and bold messaging emphasize Renault’s commitment to innovation and user-centric technology.

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Safety and Sustainability at the Forefront:

“renault. rethink” also highlights Renault’s dedication to safety and sustainability. The campaign showcases advanced driver assistance systems and emphasizes Renault’s leadership in electric mobility, with the E-Tech range offering a compelling alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

Renault Reimagines: Rethink Your Ride, Rethink Your Future

Manifesto of Change:

Renault has also unveiled a new brand manifesto, outlining its legacy and future vision. This powerful statement declares, “The world has demanded a grand rethink, the Renault rethink has begun. We never did ordinary, we don’t do same, we do revolution.”

Reaching the Future Audience:

The campaign runs from January 8th to February 28th, spanning major Out Of Home placements, national print publications, and digital and social media platforms. This multi-channel approach ensures maximum visibility and engagement with a diverse audience.

Renault’s “renault. rethink” campaign is a bold invitation to reconsider the future of personal transportation. By showcasing its cutting-edge EVs and innovative technology, Renault aims to reposition itself as a leader in the evolving automotive landscape.


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