Scania and Northvolt Unveil Long-Lasting Battery Cell for Heavy Electric Vehicles

What’s Happening: Scania and Northvolt have unveiled a jointly developed battery cell for heavy electric vehicles, boasting an impressive 1.5 million-kilometer lifetime. The lithium-ion cell, produced with fossil-free electricity in northern Sweden, has a carbon footprint that is approximately one-third that of a comparable industry reference.

Why It Matters: The battery cell’s extended lifetime and reduced carbon footprint will help push the heavy transport industry toward sustainable electric solutions. As a result, it could significantly reduce the environmental impact of heavy-duty vehicles.

Key Points:

  • Scania and Northvolt joined forces in 2017 to develop and commercialize a world-leading battery cell for heavy commercial vehicles.
  • The battery cell is being produced at the Northvolt Ett gigafactory in northern Sweden.
  • Scania will inaugurate a new battery factory in Södertälje, Sweden, later this year, where battery cells will be assembled into battery packs for heavy-duty electric trucks.
  • Peter Carlsson, CEO and Co-Founder of Northvolt, noted that the battery cells have exceeded initial expectations in terms of performance.
  • Scania’s CEO Christian Levin emphasized that the future of heavy transport is electric, and that top-performing battery cells are crucial for the company’s electric trucks.

Bottom Line: The collaboration between Scania and Northvolt has resulted in a high-performing battery cell that will enable the transition to electric heavy transport. With a 1.5 million-kilometer lifetime and a low carbon footprint, the battery cell marks a milestone in the push for sustainable transport solutions. The two companies’ efforts will pave the way for the broader adoption of electric heavy-duty vehicles, reducing the environmental impact of the industry.


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