Sila’s Titan Silicon to Power Next-Gen EV Batteries for Panasonic

Silicon anode specialist Sila has signed a commercial agreement with battery giant Panasonic, marking a major step towards unlocking longer range and faster charging for electric vehicles.

The agreement will see Sila’s high-performance Titan Silicon™ anode material integrated into Panasonic’s next-generation lithium-ion batteries, enabling 20% longer range today and paving the way for doubling that gain in the future.

Faster charging is also on the horizon, with Sila aiming to reduce charging times to as low as 10 minutes.

Sila's Titan Silicon to Power Next-Gen EV Batteries for Panasonic

A Win for EVs and the Environment

This partnership is a game-changer for the EV industry, addressing key concerns around range anxiety and charging time. By extending range and dramatically reducing charging times, Sila‘s technology can significantly accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.

Furthermore, Titan Silicon boasts lower CO2 emissions compared to traditional graphite anodes, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious consumers and automakers.

U.S. Manufacturing Boosts EV Credits

Produced at Sila’s facility in Moses Lake, Washington, Titan Silicon helps automakers meet the Inflation Reduction Act’s requirements for tax credits, further incentivizing the production of clean energy vehicles.

Building on a Strong Track Record

Sila was the first to bring next-generation silicon anodes to market with its 2021 launch in the WHOOP 4.0 wearable. In 2022, the company became the first next-gen battery material provider to sign a deal with a major automaker, Mercedes-Benz.

Looking Forward

This collaboration with Panasonic represents a significant milestone for Sila, its customers, and the entire EV industry. By harnessing the potential of Titan Silicon, the partners aim to redefine what’s possible for EV performance and accelerate the transition to a cleaner future.


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