Skyline Group Partners with SWTCH for a Nationwide EV Charging Initiative in Canada

Skyline Group and SWTCH are rolling out a nationwide initiative to expand EV charging infrastructure in Canada, making multi-residential buildings more EV-friendly and accelerating the country’s shift towards cleaner transportation.

What’s Happening

The Skyline Group of Companies, a prominent Canadian real estate and clean energy firm, has partnered with SWTCH, an EV charging solution provider, to install 929 Level 2 EV chargers in 223 properties across Canada. The initiative, which started in 2022, is aiming to overcome the challenges in installing EV charging infrastructure in multi-residential buildings and bolster electric vehicle adoption in Canada.

Why It Matters

Canada’s ambitious 2021 mandate seeks to have 100 percent of new vehicles sold to be zero emission by 2035. Yet, the lack of accessible charging infrastructure in residential areas has been a significant barrier to achieving this goal. Skyline’s initiative seeks to resolve this issue and contributes to the country’s sustainability objectives.

Key Points

This EV charging infrastructure expansion is part of Skyline’s commitment to enhancing sustainable practices in their multi-residential properties, housing over 36,000 tenants across Canada. SWTCH’s role as a turnkey solution provider simplifies the usually complex process of procuring hardware, installing software, and understanding electrical capacity, rebates, and regulations.

Skyline’s decision to install these charging stations was also supported by the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP), a $680 million initiative established by the Government of Canada to address the lack of charging and hydrogen refueling stations nationwide.

Bottom Line

By collaborating with SWTCH, and with partial funding from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) through ZEVIP, Skyline’s EV charger installation project is poised to make a significant impact on the clean energy transition in Canada. It highlights the crucial role of partnerships and federal support in overcoming the logistical and financial challenges of establishing widespread EV charging infrastructure.

This initiative sets a precedent for other multi-residential property managers and owners across the nation, demonstrating how collaborative efforts can make clean energy adoption a reality. Furthermore, the partnership with SWTCH showcases the potential of technology-driven solutions in addressing the infrastructure challenges of the electric vehicle revolution.


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