Solar EV Charger Pre-Orders Begin

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Enteligent Inc., a pioneer in solar energy and electric vehicle charging technologies, is now accepting pre-orders for the Enteligent TLCEV T1 EVSE—the first-ever solar-powered DC-to-DC charger designed to optimize daytime electric vehicle (EV) charging directly from solar panels. This innovative product is set to enhance how energy is utilized in various sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

Sean Burke, co-founder and CEO of Enteligent, emphasizes the environmental benefits of their solar charger, stating, “If you’re charging your EV at night, you’re not using clean energy. Most EV owners plug in at night when peak demand is provided by fossil fuels.” Enteligent’s chargers encourage a shift to daytime charging, allowing EV drivers to harness solar energy effectively and sustainably.

Key Highlights

  • First Solar-Powered DC-to-DC Charger: The TLCEV T1 makes it possible for EVs to charge directly from solar canopies and carports without depending on the grid.
  • Convenient and Fast Charging Options: Offering up to 12.5 kW of power, the TLCEV T1 charges at double the rate of typical AC Level 2 chargers and includes options for both NACS & CCS-1 connectors.
  • Energy Efficiency: By eliminating the traditional DC-to-AC-to-DC conversion process, the TLCEV T1 reduces energy losses by up to 20%, making it a highly efficient choice for EV owners.
Solar EV Charger Pre-Orders Begin

The TLCEV T1 charger’s design allows for easy integration into existing solar structures like carports and canopies found in homes, office parking lots, and other facilities. These chargers are ideal for settings without direct grid access, such as remote agricultural or construction sites, simplifying the installation process by avoiding lengthy permitting and grid integration issues.

About Enteligent: Based in California, Enteligent is at the forefront of developing intelligent solar power solutions and EV charging systems. Their products are designed to maximize energy efficiency and sustainability, preparing the way for a more eco-friendly future in energy consumption. Their technology portfolio includes the innovative NMax photovoltaic module power optimizers, which enhance energy harvesting and system reliability by providing detailed, panel-level monitoring.

Enteligent continues to lead in green electrification, promoting significant advancements in how we generate, store, and utilize solar energy. For more information about Enteligent and their products, visit Enteligent’s website.

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