StoreDot and Circulor Partner to Track Sustainable Battery Supply Chain for EVs

Herzliya, Israel and London, UK – StoreDot, a leading provider of extreme fast charging battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs), has partnered with Circulor, the global leader in supply chain traceability solutions. The collaboration aims to track the source and CO2 emissions of the raw materials used in the production of StoreDot’s battery cells and its manufacturing process, ensuring sustainable and responsible sourcing.

StoreDot is making strides in the EV industry by developing battery technology that can charge an electric vehicle for 100 miles in just 5 minutes. In addition to this, the company is also focused on creating environmentally conscious products, working with Circulor to provide full transparency in its battery supply chain. This will enable global automotive manufacturers to meet regulatory requirements and increase transparency in their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) efforts.

The partnership has already begun, with Circulor’s traceability solution being implemented to track upstream battery material production and the corresponding carbon emissions. This information will give StoreDot transparency, and it will be shared with EV manufacturers and regulators.

StoreDot and Circulor have joined the German government’s “Battery Pass” project as associate members. The two companies will continue to work within the project to promote industry collaboration and prepare for the EU Battery Regulation.

StoreDot CEO, Dr. Doron Myersdorf, stated, “The ESG aspects of our XFC solution are a core value to StoreDot and its employees. Our partnership with Circulor, a world-leader in supply chain traceability, will give our EV partners and investors full transparency of CO2 emissions and the materials used in our extreme fast charging ‘100in5’ battery cells.”

Circulor CEO, Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, added, “StoreDot is dedicated to creating next-generation battery solutions that support a sustainable and responsible transition to electrified economies. We are thrilled to be working with StoreDot to provide transparency in the EV supply chain and demonstrate its importance in building a sustainable future.”


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