Toyota Expands Battery Recycling Network with Cirba Solutions

Toyota Motor North America (Toyota) announced today an expansion of its battery recycling network through a new collaboration with Cirba Solutions, a leader in battery recycling materials and management. This partnership aims to create a sustainable, closed-loop battery ecosystem while supporting Toyota’s carbon neutrality goals.

Key points of the agreement:

  • Nationwide battery collection and recycling: Cirba Solutions’ extensive network will ensure efficient collection and processing of end-of-life batteries from Toyota’s hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery electric vehicles across the country.
  • Reduced costs and emissions: The collaboration is expected to cut Toyota’s overall battery transportation and logistics costs by 70%, significantly reducing transportation-related emissions.
  • High recovery rate: Cirba Solutions’ advanced technology can extract up to 95% of critical minerals from used batteries, providing valuable resources for future battery production.
  • Focus on Midwest and East Coast: The initial phase of the collaboration will focus on battery collection and recycling in the Midwest and East Coast regions, with processing taking place at Cirba Solutions’ Lancaster, Ohio facility.


  • Christopher Yang, Group Vice President, Business Development, Toyota Motor North America: “Cirba Solutions’ network ensures nationwide battery collection and recycling, reducing our costs and carbon footprint. This partnership moves us closer to our goal of a sustainable, closed-loop battery ecosystem.”
  • Jay Wago, Chief Commercial Officer, Cirba Solutions: “Our collaboration with Toyota aligns with our vision of a sustainable closed-loop battery supply chain. We are proud to be a partner in their journey towards a more sustainable future.”

Benefits of the collaboration:

  • Environmentally friendly: This partnership will contribute to a more sustainable future by ensuring that valuable resources are recycled and reused, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Cost-effective: Reduced transportation and logistics costs will benefit both Toyota and Cirba Solutions.
  • Secure supply chain: By recycling critical minerals, the collaboration helps secure a stable supply chain for future battery production.

Toyota’s commitment to sustainability:

  • Leading seller of electrified vehicles: Toyota has been the top seller of electrified vehicles globally for over 25 years.
  • Growing EV market: With a new battery manufacturing plant under construction and an expanding EV lineup, Toyota is committed to the future of electric mobility.
  • Responsible end-of-life solutions: Toyota is dedicated to finding responsible and sustainable solutions for the end-of-life phase of its vehicles’ batteries.

Cirba Solutions’ expertise:

  • Advanced technology: Cirba Solutions uses advanced technology to maximize the recovery of critical materials from used batteries.
  • Vertical integration: The company offers a complete suite of capabilities, from collection and transportation to processing and recycling.
  • Commitment to sustainability: Cirba Solutions is committed to creating a circular battery supply chain and minimizing environmental impact.

This collaboration between Toyota and Cirba Solutions represents a significant step forward in the development of a sustainable battery ecosystem. By working together, these two companies can help ensure that the future of electric mobility is environmentally friendly and resource-efficient.


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