USABC Awards $2.6M Lithium Electrode-Based Cell Development Contract to Farasis Energy

Farasis Energy secures a $2.6 million contract from USABC to pioneer next-generation lithium metal-based battery technology for electric vehicles, marking a potential alternative to lithium-ion technology.

What’s Happening

The United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC) has awarded a $2.6 million contract to Farasis Energy USA, located in Hayward, California, to innovate lithium electrode-based cell technology. The contract signifies a significant step towards the development of battery technologies that extend beyond the capabilities of existing lithium-ion solutions. This 24-month project represents the fourth contract between USABC and Farasis Energy.

Why It Matters

This project presents a promising alternative to lithium-ion technology by focusing on the development of a lithium metal-based anode, a nickel-rich cathode, and liquid electrolyte battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs). As the need for EVs surges, advancements in battery technology are crucial to cater to the rising demand, making this project of paramount importance.

Key Points

Farasis Energy’s co-founder and CTO, Dr. Keith Kepler, emphasizes that lithium-ion technology will likely reach its capacity for energy density enhancement in the forthcoming years. Consequently, the potential to increase EV ranges and fast-charging capabilities may hit a plateau. This necessitates research into alternative chemistries to transcend these barriers and achieve superior performance while adhering to the highest safety standards and longevity.

Bottom Line

USABC, a subsidiary of the United States Council for Automotive Research LLC (USCAR) and supported by a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), is dedicated to fostering electrochemical energy storage technologies that expedite the commercialization of next-generation electrified vehicle applications. Lyle Raines, USCAR Director of Operations, underlines the importance of this contract award with Farasis Energy, asserting that such projects are integral to propelling the necessary technology to achieve broader vehicle electrification, aligning with both immediate and future objectives.


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