Volta Extends Its “Charging For All” Initiative

Newly launched educational campaign leverages the vast Volta Media™ Network to influence the rapid transition to electric mobility

NEW YORK & SAN FRANCISCO – Volta, an industry-leading electric vehicle charging and media company, today announced the expansion of its Charging For All initiative with the launch of an evergreen educational platform displayed across the Volta Media™ Network, Volta’s social channels, and Volta’s website. This new campaign, with its “We’re all EV drivers, just some of us don’t know it yet” tagline, addresses consumers’ perceived concerns around EVs while shining a light on their numerous benefits and encouraging drivers to consider an EV for their next vehicle. Volta launched the witty yet informative creative in coordination with the start of National Drive Electric Week, but will display the campaign indefinitely demonstrating the company’s commitment to accelerating a clean transportation future.

Introduced earlier this year, Charging For All is Volta’s initiative that seeks to ensure all Americans have access to affordable and easy public charging — a critical requirement in welcoming the all-electric future supported by the Federal government. The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) extends tax benefits for new and used EV purchases to make them more affordable for Americans. The IRA, along with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (BIL), also provides funding to EV charging network operators to build the critical charging infrastructure needed to support this electric future. Together, these Federal programs are intended to spark greater interest in EV ownership across the United States. Volta’s educational campaign was launched in support of these Federal programs and is using the power of Volta’s more than 2,900 EV charging stalls and 4,900 digital media screens to reach Americans and encourage them to make the switch to electric.

“Volta’s highly visible chargers, located just steps from the front doors of the places millions of Americans regularly visit, continuously remind all passersby that owning and recharging an electric vehicle can be convenient,” said Brandt Hastings, Chief Commercial Officer at Volta. “Our new campaign goes even further to encourage drivers to switch to an EV by using the Volta Media™ Network to celebrate the exciting benefits of electric transportation and debunk lingering myths. The momentum of the EV revolution has never been greater than it is right now. Federal and state governments are committing billions of dollars to support an electric future, and Volta is also doing all we can to ensure this future is realized.”

Brands, as well as commercial properties and retailers, can sponsor this ongoing campaign and promote the numerous benefits electric transportation offers — including environmental, health, economic, and technological — to audiences around the country and grow awareness and positive sentiment of their brand. These sponsorships not only encourage the switch to EVs but also support the transition to a renewable energy grid since Volta’s U.S. network of EV chargers and media screens is backed by renewable energy. Volta purchases verified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) equivalent to the amount of electricity used to power its network, giving sponsors confidence they are supporting a clean transportation and energy future for all.

The newly launched campaign was designed around the belief that all drivers will be EV drivers in the future, but they must be inspired by the benefit that drives them most. For some drivers, that is the cost savings of EV ownership. For others, it’s ensuring their children and grandchildren inherit a healthy planet. To ensure the ongoing relevance of the program, Volta will regularly refresh the educational content and target specific content to media screens based on geography and site location.


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