Volta Trucks and ZF CVS Unite for Climate-Smart Commercial EV, the Volta Zero

What’s Happening

Volta Trucks, the premier manufacturer, and provider of all-electric commercial vehicles, has disclosed a prolonged contract with ZF, the topmost global supplier to the commercial vehicle industry. ZF Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS) has been chosen as the key supplier for many of the central systems of Volta Trucks’ revolutionary all-electric vehicle, the Volta Zero.

Why It Matters

Both Volta Trucks and ZF CVS display a shared dedication to climate protection and sustainability. This collaboration is set to empower Volta Trucks in their trailblazing journey to the market, leveraging ZF CVS’s vast product portfolio that balances established and innovative solutions. The union aims to support the automotive industry’s transformation towards a zero-emission and accident-free future.

Key Points

ZF CVS will be supplying numerous core systems for the Volta Zero, ranging from braking, suspension, and steering systems. These systems have been designed and tailored specifically for commercial vehicle usage. Key technologies integrated into the Volta Zero include advanced emergency braking, electronic braking, electronic stability control, and lane departure warning systems.

ZF CVS also provides significant components for the innovative independent front suspension (IFS) axle system of the Volta Zero. The compact and optimized design of the IFS enhances driver vision, ride comfort, and vehicle handling, thereby promoting driver safety, efficiency, and comfort.

Bottom Line

Dr. Peter Laier of the ZF Board of Management acknowledges the crucial role of strong partnerships for new truck manufacturers like Volta Trucks. He sees ZF CVS as well-positioned to accompany commercial vehicle manufacturers in their shift towards electrification, automation, and digitalization.

Ellie Pittson, Purchasing Director at Volta Trucks, echoed this sentiment. She emphasized the importance of collaboration with trusted automotive suppliers like ZF for Volta Trucks’ success. According to her, the shared commitment of Volta Trucks and ZF CVS toward environmental protection and sustainability fortifies this partnership. The alliance signals a promising trajectory for the development of next-generation mobility.


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