Volvo’s C40 and XC40 Recharge Models Boast Increased Range for 2024

What’s Happening

Volvo Car USA is set to upgrade its fully electric C40 Recharge and XC40 Recharge models for the 2024 model year, with the intent to significantly extend the vehicles’ range. The enhancements are primarily attributable to two new powertrains and the introduction of rear-wheel drive variants, a first in Volvo’s product line in a quarter of a century.

Why It Matters

This move comes as Volvo strengthens its pursuit to become a fully electric car manufacturer by 2030. The company understands the increasing importance of range and charging times to consumers, hence these improvements aim to bolster the attractiveness of their fully electric models. This development also underscores Volvo’s commitment to safety and secure driving dynamics, a hallmark of the brand.

Key Points

A significant part of the range enhancement is attributed to the more even distribution of battery and motor weight throughout the vehicle, leading to improved traction for the rear wheels. The new Single Motor Extended Range variants of C40 and XC40 Recharge models feature a potent 185 kW (248 hp) permanent magnet e-motor on the rear axle and an 82 kWh battery pack, enabling them to achieve up to 297 and 293 miles of range, respectively. The 82 kWh battery pack also allows for a top charging rate of 200 kW DC, and it takes roughly 28 minutes to charge the car from 10-80 percent state-of-charge.

The Twin Motor all-wheel drive variants also received updates, boosting their range. The previous dual 150 kW electric motors have been replaced with Volvo’s in-house developed 255 hp electric motor on the rear axle and a new 147 hp asynchronous electric motor on the front axle. This new set-up contributes to range improvements by engaging the front-axle drive only when necessary, thus conserving energy.

Bottom Line

Volvo is demonstrating a clear commitment to electric vehicle innovation with the release of the updated C40 and XC40 Recharge models. These enhancements not only improve the vehicles’ range, but they also enhance the overall driving experience, all while maintaining Volvo’s dedication to safety. By focusing on range improvements and faster charging times, Volvo is addressing key concerns of electric vehicle consumers and setting a high standard for other automakers in the industry. Furthermore, the exterior upgrades and new paint options across their lineup demonstrate that efficiency and aesthetic can coexist, further strengthening Volvo’s position in the electric vehicle market.


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