ZOOZ Power Achieves Key US Market Milestone

ZOOZ Power (“ZOOZ”) has successfully navigated the UL certification process for its latest innovation, the ZOOZTER™-100 system. This advancement will bolster the development of ultra-fast EV charging infrastructure, even in areas where there are power constraints due to the existing electricity grid.

Why It Matters

This certification marks a pivotal step in ZOOZ’s expansion within the American market. As an essential part of their ongoing collaboration with a prominent global car rental service provider, ZOOZ has positioned the ZOOZTER™-100 system for trial at LaGuardia Airport’s rental hub in New York. The conclusion of the requisite field evaluation signifies the end of the system’s UL certification journey.

Key Points

  • The ZOOZTER™-100 system aids in setting up ultra-fast EV charging stations.
  • UL certification completion was a prerequisite for the system’s planned US pilot installations.
  • The company is poised to augment its US marketing activities, bolstered by the certification.
  • Successful showcasing at pilot sites is anticipated to kindle further collaborations and boost order intake in the US.
  • Final preparations are ongoing at the LaGuardia pilot site, courtesy of the partnering rental company, with the pilot expected to roll out imminently.

Bottom Line

ZOOZ Power’s achievement in obtaining the UL certification for the ZOOZTER™-100 system underscores its commitment to enhancing the EV charging infrastructure in the US. As they await the completion of site preparations at LaGuardia, there’s high anticipation for the system’s integration with ultra-fast charging equipment. This success is a testament to ZOOZ’s dedication and promises an innovative future for electric vehicle charging in the United States.


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