ADS-TEC Forms Strategic Partnership With amperio

amperio plans nationwide expansion of its fast-charging network in Germany, starting in 2023 with 101 ChargePost systems from ADS-TEC Energy.

LIMBURG, Germany – ADS-TEC Energy, a leading manufacturer of battery-based, ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, announced it has signed a master agreement with Cologne-based charging project management specialist amperio GmbH for the expansion of fast-charging infrastructure in Germany. Slate Asset Management (“Slate“), a global alternative investment platform targeting real assets, will provide the financing for the agreement. amperio will initially install 101 ADS-TEC Energy ChargePost systems, starting in 2023.

To mark the start of the collaboration, the two companies are today installing and commissioning the first ADS-TEC Energy ChargePost charging system in Limburg an der Lahn. The charging station—installed in the public parking garage at the Limburg-Süd ICE station—will enable ultra-fast charging of e-vehicles for the “LahnStar” on-demand shuttle service, part of the city of Limburg public transportation system.

amperio is one of the first providers to implement and test the ChargePost system’s functionality in everyday use, including battery-buffered, ultra-fast EV charging and energy storage as a decentralized energy platform, peak-load capping, and optimization of self-consumption. As part of the project, amperio plans to install ultra-fast charging stations across the country at more than 100 already contractually secured public locations, thus dramatically expanding the fast-charging network in Germany.

amperio employs experienced experts who have previously conducted site analyses, planned and implemented charging infrastructure projects, and operated charging stations technically and commercially. The cooperation with ADS-TEC Energy is an important step toward a new strategic focus on DC and HPC charging stations. Oliver P. Kaul, managing director of amperio, said, ” To meet the rapidly growing energy demand for renewable traction power, drivers of pure battery electric vehicles need more DC and HPC charging points. These must be able to be installed quickly despite limited grid capacity. Likewise, an integrated payment terminal should be available and allow drivers to have the best charging experience even when paying. We are therefore very pleased to have found a German manufacturer in ADS-TEC Energy with whom we can implement this vision. The manufacturer’s proven technology, the production location in Germany, and the innovative approach of the technology motivated us to cooperate with ADS-TEC. We see great potential in the collaboration for expanding the German fast charging network.”

Christian Schmid, managing director and global head of infrastructure at Slate, said, “We are thrilled to support the rollout of this framework agreement between amperio and ADS-TEC Energy. The installation of these chargers across Germany demonstrates a continued effort by Slate and amperio to make sustainability infrastructure more accessible and ubiquitous throughout the country, including at many of our own properties.” Majority shareholder of amperio GmbH, Slate Asset Management, owns charging stations and finances them for their use and potentially third parties like amperio. It also sources management services from amperio. Slate’s portfolio, which includes more than 225 grocery stores across Germany and an extensive network of tenants focused on environmental sustainability, will create various opportunities to accelerate amperio’s growth.

ChargePost combines bidirectional battery storage, fast charging station and advertising platform

ADS-TEC Energy’s recently introduced ChargePost system combines two DC fast charging points with battery storage, power electronics, and air conditioning in an extremely powerful, compact and low-noise system. It takes charging to a new level with an all-in-one design that takes up less than two square meters (21.5 square feet) of ground space. ChargePost features two charging points for ultra-fast charging of e-vehicles – delivering up to more than 100 kilometers (60 miles) in just a few minutes – with DC power of up to 300 kW for one vehicle and 150 kW for two charging points used simultaneously, 144 or 201 kWh battery capacity, and optional additions of one or two 75-inch advertising displays that cover the entire length of the outer surfaces.

With simple, quick assembly by forklift, ChargePost features plug-and-play installation at ground level, connecting directly to the existing, power-limited low-voltage grid. As an energy platform, ChargePost not only stores energy but can also feed it back into the grid and thus be used for other applications like grid services. With more than ten years of experience in lithium-ion technologies, ADS-TEC Energy develops and produces battery-storage solutions and fast-charging systems, including energy management systems. And ADS-TEC Energy products are “Made in Germany”: ChargePost is manufactured in Dresden, while research and development take place in Nürtingen.

ADS-TEC Energy CEO Thomas Speidel explained: “We are very pleased to be able to demonstrate the strengths of our newly developed ChargePost system together with amperio. The ultra-fast charging system, in combination with energy storage, is also a decentralized energy platform that can be used many times over. Integrating up to two 75-inch monitors as attractive advertising space offers additional revenue opportunities for charging station operators.”

Due to its special performance and efficiency with minimal size, ADS-TEC Energy 2022’s charging technology was nominated for the German Future Prize by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany.


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