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Interview with Ben DeLand, GKN Auotomitve

Interview with Ben DeLand, GKN Automotive

Ben DeLand is Director of Electrical Hardware Engineering at GKN Automotive. Based in Auburn Hills, he leads the development of Traction Inverters and Electronic Control Units for GKN’s eDrive and All-Wheel Drive systems. Ben joined the business in 2015, holding…

Gagn Dhillon, Synop

Interview with Gagan Dhillon, Synop

Before starting Synop, Gagan Dhillon saw the difficulties companies faced while switching to commercial electric vehicles. As a member of insurtech firm REIN, he collaborated with leading commercial vehicle manufacturers and insurance companies to create solutions for the commercial auto…


Interview with Dhanendra Nagwanshi, SABIC

Dhanendra Nagwanshi is Global Marketing Leader for EV Batteries & Electricals Automotive Business, Petrochemicals with SABIC. Currently, he leads a global team that focuses on enabling the automotive industry across the full value chain to address some of its critical…