Arcimoto Introduces Modular Utility Vehicle: A Game Changer in Electric Mobility

What’s Happening

Arcimoto, Inc., a leading manufacturer of specialized electric utility and consumer vehicles, has unveiled its latest innovation – the Arcimoto MUV (Modular Utility Vehicle). As a groundbreaking addition to their catalog of small footprint electric vehicles, the MUV is designed for professional and commercial purposes, offering a first-of-its-kind on-road modular utility vehicle.

Why It Matters

The Arcimoto MUV expands the company’s portfolio into the urban and industrial mobility segment, addressing a significant market opportunity. Built on the acclaimed FUV platform, this model is envisioned as a robust tool for daily indoor and outdoor tasks, satisfying industrial mobility customers who prioritize efficient, silent, and sustainable movement of goods, materials, and equipment.

Key Points

The Arcimoto MUV is celebrated for its versatility, ability to navigate varied environments – from city streets to vineyards, warehouses, and e-commerce fulfillment centers – and serve diverse industries including government, manufacturing, education, agriculture, construction, aviation, and delivery.

Highlighting its power and speed, the MUV boasts a top speed of 75 mph, can carry up to 500 pounds, and features a dual-motor front-wheel drive with a single seat. It also offers an impressive utility range of up to 102 city miles, facilitated by fast and easy charging with level 1 and level 2 charging capabilities.

In line with Arcimoto’s commitment to customization, the MUV offers interchangeable bed configurations to cater to varying load capacities. Customers can personalize their vehicles with their own items or select from a growing list of MUV accessories. These vehicles are also adaptable with Carrier, Utility, and Cargo Packages for different commercial transportation needs. Additional popular add-ons include custom vinyl wraps, seatback organizers, half-doors, and seat options.

Bottom Line

The Arcimoto MUV, revolutionizing electric utility vehicles, is now available for purchase starting at a MSRP of $23,500 for the base Carrier Package. Customers can further customize their vehicles with the Utility Package at $299 or the Cargo Package for $1,500, or both, for complete flexibility. The launch of the MUV signifies Arcimoto’s continued commitment to delivering high-quality, sustainable, and customizable mobility solutions for diverse industries.


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