Ascend Elements Supplies Sustainable Cathodes to Freudenberg

Ascend Elements, a prominent U.S. manufacturer of sustainable battery materials has secured a contract to engineer sustainable cathode active material (CAM) for Freudenberg e-Power Systems. This development suggests that heavy-duty electric vehicles like trucks, buses, and marine vessels across North America and Europe may soon be powered using recycled battery materials.

Why It Matters

Freudenberg e-Power Systems, a leader in sustainable battery solutions for high-demand applications, is committed to reducing environmental impact. Utilizing Ascend Elements’ recycled cathode material can significantly decrease carbon footprints, guaranteeing top product quality and lifespan.

Key Points

  • Partnership Scope: Ascend Elements will craft a tailor-made NMC cathode material to fit Freudenberg’s specific requirements. This material will be developed at Ascend’s R&D Center located in Westborough, Mass.
  • Performance Parity: According to multiple peer-reviewed research, ascend Elements’ recycled battery materials match the performance of materials sourced from virgin metals while cutting carbon emissions by as much as 93%.
  • Industry Confidence: Freudenberg extensively evaluated Ascend Elements’ customized cathode product, deeming it to possess exceptional cycle-life results and optimal safety.
  • Innovative Techniques: Ascend Elements utilizes a patented technique called Hydro-to-Cathode® direct precursor synthesis. This method streamlines the cathode manufacturing process, offering significant economic advantages and carbon reductions.

Bottom Line

This collaboration between Ascend Elements and Freudenberg e-Power Systems underlines the evolving dynamics of global battery materials supply chains. The emphasis is now shifting towards sustainable sources without compromising on performance. With advanced recycling processes and proprietary cathode engineering technology, Ascend Elements is set to revolutionize the sustainable production of lithium-ion battery materials. At the same time, Freudenberg e-Power Systems continues its pursuit of offering emission-neutral energy systems for heavy-duty applications, solidifying its position as a world-leading supplier.


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