Blink Charging Unveils Final Design for New Dual-Port EV DC Fast Charger at EVS36

Blink Charging presents its advanced 240kW DC Fast Charger with dual-port NACS and CCS connectors. This innovative technology aims to meet growing EV charging demands and bolster EV adoption.

What’s Happening

Blink Charging Co., a world-renowned manufacturer, owner, operator, and provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment, has announced the impending launch of its latest 240kW DC Fast Charger. This compact, speed-focused charging station will be available across international markets, designed to rapidly charge the EVs of the present and future. Offering both North American Charging Standard (NACS) and Combined Charging System (CCS) connectors, it aims to cater to evolving market needs and foster the development of a reliable and accessible EV charging infrastructure.

Why It Matters

The new Blink 240kW DC Fast Charger integrates advanced silicon carbide technology, a feature first introduced at CES 2023. Currently undergoing final refinements by Blink’s in-house team, this product is a response to the surging demand for increased EV charging infrastructure, both domestically and internationally. After the final design stage, the prototype charger is scheduled for UL certification submission.

Key Points

Blink Charging, known for its swift adaptation to market trends, is committed to maintaining its lead in the EV charging equipment manufacturing industry. Boasting a diverse product range, Blink is positioned to provide market agility, speed, and a reputation as a leading global supplier of EV infrastructure.

Blink’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Brendan Jones, expressed enthusiasm about the impending market introduction of this new, cutting-edge charger. Given recent announcements from Tesla, GM, and Ford, he highlighted the continual evolution of the EV charging industry as technologies advance, and stakeholders collaborate on best practices.

Bottom Line

The DC Fast Charger is ideal for highway use or when drivers require a quick charging option. Along with a commitment to enhance its Level 2 charging infrastructure network, Blink Charging is primed to accelerate EV adoption, proving that their solutions can accommodate any EV on the market. The new charger blends aesthetics with functionality, demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation and cost-effective manufacturing that positions it as a vital player in promoting EV adoption.


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