BMW and Hyundai Executives Share Their Vision on How to Make EVs Mainstream

What’s Happening: Despite the surge in sales of electric vehicles (EVs) in 2022, misconceptions about the EV market still exist. But a new video from Electrify America featuring executives from BMW and Hyundai explains how increased exposure to EVs, product improvements, and more vehicle options in almost every category are helping to address those misconceptions and make EVs more mainstream.

Why It Matters: The EV market has been rapidly growing, and with more EV models hitting the market and improvements in technology, the potential for even more growth is significant. However, it’s crucial to address the common misconceptions about EVs, such as limited range and lack of diversity in vehicle models, to increase adoption rates and make EVs more accessible to all consumers.

Key points:

  • In the video, BMW’s Christian Voigt and Hyundai’s Yuval Steinman discuss how car brands are driving awareness to consumers and dealerships alike.
  • For BMW, the focus is on designing attractive EV offerings across every major vehicle segment and encouraging dealers to experience and drive their EVs to understand and convey their benefits to potential customers.
  • Hyundai is envisioning an ideal product that can fit both people and cargo, offer 300 miles or more of range, and charge quickly on DC fast-charging networks like Electrify America’s.
  • Additionally, Hyundai is working with dealers to ensure they are properly trained on EV service and maintenance tools and can educate potential buyers on product features, range, and charging.

Bottom Line: As the EV market continues to evolve, addressing common misconceptions and making EVs more accessible to all consumers is crucial. Car manufacturers like BMW and Hyundai are playing a critical role in driving EV adoption rates by designing attractive EV offerings, educating dealerships and consumers, and partnering with charging networks to improve the charging infrastructure.


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