GILBERT, Ariz. – Colonial Equipment Company has partnered with ZEVX to Repower Vehicles by providing EV conversions and warranty support throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and the Federal Government/GSA contract throughout the USA.

As a ZEVX Authorized Distribution and Service Partner (ADP / ASP), Colonial Equipment Company will be certified to ZEVX standards for the Athena program which provides repowering and ongoing support of Class 2-4 commercial vehicles. Colonial Equipment Company is also an authorized distributor of ZEVX products. The “Athena” powertrain kit is the fastest path to electrification for commercial fleets – brings new life to existing assets, using trusted and proven industry components, and is typically completed in a 1-to-2-week turnaround in a certified shop.

Donald Combs, President of Colonial Equipment Company notes: “Colonial Equipment, is pleased to partner with technology innovators such as ZEVX to bring low-cost electric vehicle solutions to commercial fleets. Our partnership with ZEVX complements our comprehensive strategy for providing industry-leading EV Services and conversion sales by tapping into the deep technical expertise and many years of experience our staff has in fleet vehicle service and support”.

“Colonial Equipment Company’ is ideally suited to provide Mid-Atlantic support to our fleet customers. This partnership helps accelerate Colonial Equipment’s move into EV services while also bringing immediate scale and support capabilities to our customers.”, advises Michael Mayfield, SVP of ZEVX Services and Support. “The synergies between our Companies will be easily developed, enhanced, and continuously managed to ensure a seamless service experience.”

About ZEVX:

ZEVX aims to be the worldwide leader in battery electric power systems and data intelligence for e-mobility applications. ZEVX has a series of battery electric powertrain and power system products that quickly migrate commercial fleet assets to zero carbon. ZEVX has a service mission to support customers through a deep partner network using existing automotive service infrastructure. This provides rapid adoption through the service network to install and deliver advanced data intelligence from fleet assets to optimize the carbon transition.

About Colonial Equipment Company:

Colonial is a Maryland-based vehicle dealer and final stage manufacturer specializing in fleets and transportation solutions. With experience in the hybrid/electric vehicle marketplace spanning 2 decades, Colonial is positioned to assist its customers with making the right decisions for their fleet electrification projects. Colonial’s mission is to provide our customers with the best products and services at fair prices while helping our fleet operations meet their sustainability goals through technology and best practices.