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Rightcharge has introduced a groundbreaking home charging payment solution for fleets, enabling businesses to directly cover the costs of their employees’ electric vehicle (EV) home charging. This innovative service ensures payments are made straight to the employees’ energy accounts, irrespective of their energy supplier, simplifying the process for both employers and drivers.

Key Highlights:

  • Direct Payments: Employers can now directly reimburse employees for home EV charging costs.
  • Automatic Rate Detection: The system automatically updates with any changes in home energy tariffs.
  • Comprehensive Integration: Compatible with home chargers and connected vehicles for accurate usage tracking.
  • Simple Monthly Fee: A flat rate of £9.99 per driver per month, with a 30-day trial offer.
  • Future Features: Upcoming fraud protection, vehicle features, and a public charge card for access to over 38,000 chargers across 30+ networks.

Rightcharge’s Innovative Solution

The launch marks a significant step forward in fleet electrification management, offering a seamless method for covering EV home charging expenses. By linking home energy accounts to Rightcharge’s app, electricity consumption is precisely calculated, and payments are streamlined, eliminating the need for manual expense submissions. This service, part of the broader Rightcharge Electric Fuel Card initiative, is designed to facilitate the transition to electric fleets by reducing administrative burdens and encouraging the adoption of low-rate EV tariffs.

Future Developments and Benefits

Looking ahead, Rightcharge plans to introduce additional functionalities, including fraud protection and a split-savings feature, aimed at promoting cost-effective energy usage among fleet drivers. The upcoming public charge card and workplace charging data integration will further enhance fleet managers’ oversight of charging activities and expenses.

About Rightcharge

Since its inception in 2019, Rightcharge has quickly ascended as the UK’s premier platform for EV charge point installations and tariff comparisons. The company’s user-friendly online platform and partnerships with leading UK businesses underscore its commitment to accelerating the shift towards electric vehicles. Through its innovative services, Rightcharge is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and making EV charging more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Charlie Cook, CEO of Rightcharge, states, “We’re delighted to launch our home charging payments solution, delivering a seamless and automated way for businesses to manage home EV charging costs.” This initiative underscores Rightcharge’s commitment to simplifying fleet electrification and supporting a greener future.

With its new home charging solution now available and further enhancements on the horizon, Rightcharge is set to revolutionize how fleets manage EV charging, offering a comprehensive, user-friendly system that addresses the unique needs of electric vehicle fleets.

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