Electreon to Provide Wireless EV Charging Services in New York and Las Vegas

Electreon will provide static and semi-dynamic wireless charging and Charging as a Service to enable CTG to electrify its fleets while reducing emissions and operating costs

BEIT YANAI, Israel – Electreon, a leading provider of wireless and in-road electric vehicle charging technology, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the sale of its wireless EV charging services to CTG. CTG is the largest operator of limousine fleets and unique shuttle services in the New York and Las Vegas area, with a fleet of over 2,800 vehicles. The company plans to transition to EVs in the near future, in order to reduce emissions and operating costs. This is Electron’s first sale and wireless EV charging deployment in the New York and Las Vegas areas, expanding on its other recent U.S. projects in Michigan and Utah.

After reviewing the existing charging solutions on the market, CTG decided to go with Electreon’s wireless EV charging services. This decision was based on several factors: lower upfront costs, space-saving in urban areas, avoidance of visual and safety hazards associated with conductive charging stations, and simple/continuous operation of electric limousine fleets. With Electreon’s Charging as a Service business model, payment is per vehicle and includes full set-up of wireless chargers, maintenance, support, and software services. As part of the MOU, CTG will also connect Electreon to its EV manufacturers for the integration of Electreon’s vehicle systems and receivers that enable EVs to charge wirelessly.

“We’re excited to work with CTG and demonstrate how our wireless charging technology can scale to support large electric fleets across multiple geographies,” said Electreon CEO Oren Ezer. “Both New York and Las Vegas are priority markets for us—they are dense urban centers with leadership committed to accelerating the transition to all-electric fleets. By partnering with highly-respected and global companies like CTG, we can expand to new markets and continue to scale the adoption of our wireless EV charging technology across the U.S. and abroad.”

CTG will purchase Electreon’s static charging services for its operating areas in Las Vegas, and later it will purchase and install Electreon’s semi-dynamic wireless charging stations near airports and hotels to be selected at a later date. The combination of both static and semi-dynamic wireless charging at strategic locations will allow CTG’s EV fleet to continuously charge, reducing battery size and vehicle downtime. CTG will reduce costs and maintain optimal fleet operation because Electreon eliminates the need to allocate people to plug in vehicles, or halt operations for charging.

The parties will also explore the possibility of installing solar panel roofing in CTG’s operating areas to further lower costs and increase the environmental benefit of the system. Electreon’s receivers in the fleet vehicles will also enable them to charge dynamically on any future electric roads in city centers, creating a system that is prepared for the future.


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