Electrify Canada Introduces Electrify Home, Offering Connected Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles

HomeStation, a new Level 2 residential electric vehicle (EV) charger will connect with a redesigned Electrify Canada mobile app for a seamless charging experience

Toronto, ON – Electrify Canada today announced the introduction of Electrify Home, a new business unit to further support electric vehicle (EV) adoption by offering streamlined home charging solutions. The upcoming fall release of HomeStation, Electrify Home’s sleek Level 2 residential EV charger, will make owning and driving an EV more convenient than ever and will be available for CAN $1,099.

With its adjustable charging power levels of up to 40 amps, HomeStation can deliver charging speeds of up to 9.6kW – 6.8 times faster than on a Level 1 charger. This means capable vehicles can add up to 53 km of range per hour. The flexibility of professional and do-it-yourself installation options, programmable WiFi features and a seamless integration on the new Electrify Canada mobile app, set to launch soon, will make HomeStation a fast and beneficial tool for home charging.

“Home charging accounts for about 80 percent of EV charging, so it’s imperative that people have a charging system that integrates into their daily lives,” said Nina Huesgen, Senior Manager, Home and eCommerce at Electrify Canada. “Our state-of-the-art home charger will help drive EV adoption by providing forward-thinking home charging solutions for EV drivers.”

Connected Solution
The WiFi-enabled residential charger will let owners sync their product with the fully redesigned Electrify Canada mobile app, offering a one stop solution for all charging needs. The new app will allow users to conduct and schedule charging sessions remotely, view charging status, keep track of charging history and interact seamlessly between Electrify Canada’s network of ultra-fast public charging stations and their HomeStation unit.

And coming in the future following the upcoming product debut, HomeStation will be compatible with customers favorite voice assistants Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant allowing for easy communication with the system.

Electrify Canada Introduces Electrify Home

Cost Saving Options
The versatility of HomeStation provides for choice of installation – the product can be installed with or without the help of a licensed and qualified electrician, depending on the installation configuration. During installation, and with input from a licensed and qualified electrician, the amperage can be configured to deliver either 40, 32 or 16 amps to help avoid expensive upgrades to the home’s electrical panel. The ability to schedule charging through the Electrify Canada app will allow users to take advantage of lower energy rates during off-peak hours, where available. Also, HomeStation units may also qualify for different home charger incentives, including rebates and grants at the provincial and municipal level, depending on the driver’s location.

“EV drivers have come to expect a fast and convenient charging experience from Electrify Canada and we’re excited to offer an integrated solution to support drivers on the road, and at home,” added Huesgen. “The upgraded mobile app will provide users with a simple, all-in-one solution to manage all their charging sessions, giving them the freedom to manage their account, schedule off-peak charging, locate public charging stations, among other features.”

Highlighted HomeStation Features:

  • Flexible Installation: The supply power requirements are compatible with most electric dryer power circuits. HomeStation can be plugged in using a NEMA 14-50 plug or hardwired by a licensed and qualified electrician.
  • Ease of Use: The Level 2 charger can be installed indoors or outside, and includes a 24-foot charging cable to allow users to easily reach their EV for charging.
  • Sleek Design: HomeStation was styled by world renowned design and engineering firm Italdesign and features a slim black silhouette that lights up blue while actively charging, and green to indicate readiness of use.
  • Installation Services: Customers choosing to have a professional electrician install their new Level 2 charger can easily be connected with Qmerit, an EV installation service. Customers can complete a short survey to determine the scope of their installation and receive a quote that fits their installation needs. Installations begin at CA$1,275.
  • Adjustable Power: To help limit installation costs and possibly prevent panel upgrades, the charger’s maximum output can be configured during installation for 40 amps, 32 amps, or 16 amps. Desired output can be designated via the mobile app and with the input of a licensed and qualified electrician.
  • Customer Support: HomeStation includes a 3-year limited warranty on parts and 24-hour customer service via a dedicated Level 2 charging telephone number.

HomeStation will be available for purchase at the forthcoming Electrify Home website,  www.electrifyhome.ca.    

Electrify Canada Mobile App

Electrify Canada Mobile App
Building on the foundation of the original Electrify Canada app and guided by extensive user feedback, the fully redesigned app will offer new and improved functionalities including a streamlined account creation process, helpful tips on navigating the network, notifications and guidance throughout the charging process, optimized contactless payment and intuitive display of charging station information. This bilingual upgrade will be welcoming to new and existing EV drivers through these enhancements and intentionally approachable interface.

New App Highlights:

  • Innovative & User-centric Design: Updated using industry best practices, the Electrify Canada mobile app will offer new features, major design updates with a refined aesthetic, for an enhanced user experience, including:
    • an effortless search experience – putting the search bar in thumb range, for easy and comfortable one-hand use;
    • map pins with new labels to provide additional information on each charging station and charger and their availability;
    • more prominent charger availability within map navigation;
    • in-session charging overviews visible with a quick glance;
    • in-app visual cues for charge session payment methods;
    • transparent and inclusive account charging and transaction history;
    • consolidated setting options;
    • new intuitive iconography; and
    • biometric authentication.
  • Streamlined Charging Plan Enrollment: With a simplified in-app experience and intuitive instructions, all users of the Electrify Canada mobile app will be able to view special offers or savings available to them, preferred pricing, and other benefits from their vehicle manufacturer or another provider, as well as easily choose from Pass or Pass+
  • Faster Account Creation: Becoming an Electrify Canada member will be easier than ever. The account creation process has been shortened – no longer requiring a credit card to sign up or view and navigate the Electrify Canada network.

In addition to an enhanced design and new functional updates, this latest upgrade of the Electrify Canada mobile app will keep the same convenient features that Electrify customers already relied on including the ability to start and stop a charging session, track charging status and save favorite stations.


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