EnergyHub and Synop Partner to Prepare Utilities and Fleet Owners for an EV-Centric Future

What’s Happening

EnergyHub, a leading provider of distributed energy resource management systems, and Synop, a charging and energy management software company for commercial EV fleets, are partnering to prepare utilities and fleet owners for the anticipated growth in electric vehicles (EVs). By 2030, there are expected to be around two million commercial EVs on the road. The partnership between EnergyHub and Synop combines their respective expertise in grid management and dynamic power and energy management for fleet operators, offering enhanced asset visibility and control for utilities, while commercial fleet operators can streamline enrollment processes and generate revenue from charging assets.

Why It Matters

As the transition to EVs accelerates, utilities need to adapt to the growing demand for charging infrastructure and energy management solutions. The partnership between EnergyHub and Synop is critical in addressing these challenges, enabling utilities to work closely with fleet customers to meet transportation electrification targets. In addition, the collaboration provides fleet operators with the opportunity to generate additional revenue from grid services.

Key Points

  • The EnergyHub and Synop integration grants utilities greater access to Highland Electric Fleets and Borg Warner, leading providers of fleet electrification-as-a-service and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology support, respectively.
  • The combined platforms optimize grid build-out, with the EV fleet operator at the core of the process.
  • The partnership supports scalable, sustainable data collection and V1G/V2X use cases, unlocking new value streams for utilities and fleet owners.
  • Synop’s fleet charging management capabilities are extended to enable fleet operators to generate revenue from V1G/V2G grid services and give utilities visibility and control of charging assets.

Bottom Line

EnergyHub and Synop’s partnership aims to facilitate managed charging and V2G programs for utilities and ISOs across North America, providing real-time pricing and asset control while adhering to the highest security standards. This collaboration plays a crucial role in supporting the transition to an EV-centric future by aligning the interests of utilities and fleet operators in a rapidly changing industry landscape.


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