EV Charging in America: Putting Chargers Where People Shop, Dine, Bank and More

Finding charging stations easily plays an important part in the mindset of drivers considering the switch to electric vehicles. In fact, EV drivers tell us that some of the most important aspects related to public charging stations are availability, accessibility, and convenience. 

EV charging company Electrify America is tackling this head-on by collaborating with businesses like Westfield Shopping Centers to place ultra-fast electric charging stations at multiple locations where people shop, dine, bank, and more. Electrify America Senior Director of Sales, Business Development and Marketing Robert Barrosa, and Westfield Senior Vice President of Center Management Shelly Schembre, discuss the benefits of charging company and retailer collaborations in a new video about the importance of offering conveniences like public EV charging to shopping center customers.

Wide Range Accessibility to Chargers

Barrosa and Schembre emphasize the importance of placing chargers near amenities like shopping, dining, and more, where drivers can complete other tasks while their vehicles charge. Chargers like those on Westfield properties are often located in major metropolitan cities, well-populated areas, and off freeways for easy access.

“The advantage is having convenience for the customer – having the ability to go to a shopping center and take care of the needs that you have on your shopping list, or just go have dinner, and to be able to charge your vehicle while at the property is a huge convenience to our shoppers,” said Schembre.

Quick & Easy Way to Charge

Westfield promotes this quick and easy way to charge on its website and has created signage within parking lots to clearly direct customers toward the chargers.

“Westfield wants to play a part in delivering that confidence to the consumer,” Schembre said.

Once at the charger they can be used speedily Barossa adds, “We focus on ubiquitous, ultra-fast EV charging so that you can charge and get on your way.”

Looking Forward to a World of Electric Vehicles

Electrify America and Westfield look forward to continuing this endeavor and Barrosa and Schembre hope these efforts will help bring America closer to widespread EV adoption.

Barrosa said, “We want everyone to live the electric lifestyle.”


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