EVLOMO and EGATi to roll out EV Charging Network for the US Market

BOCA RATON – EVLOMO and EGATi are launching a strategic engagement to advance opportunities to invest in an electric vehicle charging network and energy storage in the US.

EVLOMO has been established to carry out the electric vehicle charging infrastructure, Battery storage system, Battery swapping station for EV two-wheelers, integrated software solutions for EV charging network and providing green energy solutions in the United States of America.

EGATi has been established to carry out overseas investment activities in energy and related businesses as an investment arm of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). EGATi conducts business according to EGAT’s investment policy to invest in energy projects in neighboring countries and energy-related businesses and closely cooperate with partners to build up the sustainable development and stability of an energy system through the provision of various sources of energy ranging from up-stream fuel to power generation such as renewable energy, hydropower, biomass, and biofuel.

As an initial target of the strategic engagement, both companies will invest in rolling out EV charging network and energy storage solutions, commencing from 2023 with opportunities for significant growth in the near future. EVLOMO and EGATi have agreed on several engagements where these solutions will be deployed in USA. By leveraging energy storage solutions with EV charging solutions, the two companies aim to reduce the dependency on grid connections for charging, and instead enable superfast DC charging in areas previously unsuitable for superfast DC charging stations. The fast-charging solution will be separated into two separate modules to allow more flexible installations.

The two companies are aligned in their missions to enable increased renewable energy penetration via adaptive, responsive, predictable, and reliable smart grid resources and lead the adoption of eMobility powered with clean energy to achieve greater energy efficiency and cost savings for EV drivers.

“This is an extremely promising project, and EGATi is the perfect partner for us to explore EVLOMO’s capabilities in the EV-charging sphere. By pairing EVLOMO’s experience in charging technology with smart energy storage solutions, we will bring the world closer to seamless and ubiquitous super-fast charging capabilities. This is one more way we are catalyzing the adoption of EVs, creating a more resilient grid, and fulfilling our vision to accelerate the transition to clean energy.” says Nicole Siyao Wu, CEO and Director of EVLOMO Inc.

“We are delighted to partner with EVLOMO to develop the smart fast charging of the future. Energy storage solutions will play a pivotal for the global electrification effort, and we are therefore seeing an increased deployment of energy storage along with EV charging stations.

Together we hope to lead the way forward for adoption of clean energy and EV charging solutions globally” says Bundit Umpornsrisupap, Senior Executive Vice President, Acting President of EGAT International.